How Replacing a UI Element Can Affect Revenue

Original author: Jared Spool
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IaaS should be affordable even for those who have not experienced IT. To do this, we optimize service services and share our experience here. A couple of examples:

Today we look at the classic usability case shared by Jared Spool. / Photo by baldiri / CC The form for filling out order information is the eternal history of UX optimization and conversion. Everyone who is involved in the eCommerce world is faced with it, but often it turns into an unpleasant problem when managers simply do not pay attention to it. In this case, the login form (mail and password) was displayed immediately after clicking on the "Place an order" button and before entering the payment information. This was done in order to simplify data entry for those who have already driven in a couple of times billing information.

In the course of analyzing the situation, it turned out that people who first got to the site of this store did not want to register immediately. They needed the opportunity to make a purchase without registering. Many believed that the store simply wants to collect as much data as possible.

For those who returned again (already registered) there was no use here simply because most could not remember the login and password for entry. An additional analysis showed that almost half of the customers registered several times.

To solve the problem, this form was eliminated. Instead, the following text was used: “You do not need to create an account to make a purchase. Just click “Continue” to proceed to payment. To facilitate future purchases, you can create an account. ” As a result, in the first month of using the innovation, the company earned $ 15 million in excess of ordinary income.

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