Letters of achievement or how to stimulate the client to continue to use the service through his own actions

    The ability to retain a client is a difficult task, and understanding how you can achieve this using email newsletters will immediately affect your goals.
    There are many factors that influence retention of subscribers, the main ones are:
    1. Attracting the “right” customers. You should strive to get as many “ideal” customers as possible. An ideal customer is one that maximizes the benefits of your product or service.
    2. Activation. Just because a customer comes in contact with your business does not mean that he will buy your product. This is especially true of the world of online services: if a person wants to use the test version, this does not mean that you caught him. Your task is to make sure that each user actually performs the target action, which will turn him into an active client. If you put the need to activate customers in one of the first places to achieve goals, this will increase your chances of keeping them.
    3. Resuscitation. Even if you got the “right” customers and activated them quickly, it is extremely important to continue to monitor those who become inactive and invite them to return, to persuade you to continue using your product or to make another purchase.

    To maximize retention, you'll have to spend a lot of time convincing customers not to leave.
    One of the most effective methods of customer retention is the distribution of letters of achievement.

    What are achievement letters?

    Letters of achievement are letters that are sent on a regular basis with statistics on user activity and can be used for all types of products.

    A great example is the Grammarly achievement letters . They made the email list the basis for their communication strategy with the client:

    In this letter of achievement, clients receive all the data about their activity. With a personal report, Grammarly users can track their progress, and praise is the right feedback that acts as an incentive for further action. Such letters help open the door to a wide target audience.

    Here are a couple of great examples of personalized achievement letters:

    SumoMe- A program that improves the traffic of your site. Each week, they send statistics on the services of attracting traffic to the client’s website:

    SumoMe indicates how much the indicators have decreased over the week and immediately offers options for solving these problems (you can increase the number of subscribers using Scroll Box Pro, and to find out how about your website more people are invited to share this information on Twitter) thereby creating trust with the client.

    Kazeli is nothing more than a platform-business directory. The platform hosts thousands of accounts of various companies and services. And they also send statistics with client results:

    We at SendPulse also try to always emphasize the significance of client results:

    The bottom line is that people are self-centered by nature. The more companies or brands talk about themselves, the higher the likelihood of re-contacting and becoming a regular user / customer.

    Tips for creating achievement letters:

    • Evaluate achievement letters as part of your product, not a marketing ploy. Such an understanding will change the effectiveness of your newsletter for the better, from the title, the main essence, and ending with the functionality and usefulness.
    • Start with the simplest. For example, with usage reports or digests. They will be a good start to keep customers and at the same time require the united work of your team. You will need to track user data from external APIs or feeds. This process will require the interaction of developers and marketers, which will make your letters an integral part in online strategy.
    • Strive to achieve positive customer feedback.

    For clients, letters of achievement are the motivator for further achievements. Here the main role is played by the human factor. After all, we all like to be successful when our work is noticed and encouraged. Letters of achievement, which describe successes, bring positive emotions to customers and, at a subconscious level, trigger an activation mechanism in order to move and develop further. And all your services are developed only with customers.

    Konstantin Makarov, CEO of SendPulse mailing service

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