Dell will invest in China $ 125 billion

    Dell is the third in the ranking of the world's largest manufacturers of personal computers. Dell CEO Michael Dell spoke about the company's plans to invest one hundred twenty-five billion dollars in China over the next five years and create about a million jobs.

    “The Internet is a new engine for China's economic growth, it has unlimited potential,” said Michael Dell , the tenth in the ranking of the richest IT entrepreneurs in the world. The company will follow the principle of "in China, for China" and tightly integrates Dell China's business with government policy. Dell will expand the research and development team in this country.

    In 2010, Dellplanned to spend two hundred and fifty billion dollars on purchases and other investments in China. It is unclear whether the new designated amount is part of this investment.

    In January, Dell announced a partnership with the state-owned company China Electronics Corporation and the municipal authorities of Guiyang City. According to Dell's president of corporate solutions, this helped make the company's strategy in the country more aggressive.

    Dell is third in terms of personal computer shipments after Lenovo and HP.

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