Hub for programmers in Mexico: opened a company and start looking for a villa

    We published the last post about the Hub idea for entrepreneurs and programmers in Mexico to see if there would be interest from readers and received a decent response. Someone wrote comments, questions in the mail and social networks, and someone even called. Many liked the positive video, so if you haven’t watched it yet, here it is. Under the cut answers to some specific questions of our readers, as well as a story about the current state of affairs of CaboHub.

    CaboHub - A hub in Mexico that is close to Silicon Valley in a very cool place San Jose Del Cabo, Mexico. We believe that the future world has no state borders, allowing real creators - programmers and entrepreneurs to live where the sun shines and the warm ocean is noisy.

    Some answers to the questions:
    How much does it cost to stay in the Hub
    Right now we are busy renting a villa and the price will directly depend on its cost. One of the indicators that we focus on is that the price should be lower than in Silicon Valley. You can write us a request at and we will certainly inform you when the details appear.

    Tell us about the tax aspects of working in Mexico.
    We do not plan in the near future to do business in Mexico, and we do not call on entrepreneurs who would like to create a business there, although if this happens, we do not mind. It is assumed that the resident of the hub only lives in Mexico, but works for an American company or a company in another country. On the other hand, almost every team member has experience creating a corporation in America, which we use in this project.

    Is there an airport near the hub? The
    airport is a 30-minute drive from San Jose Del Cabo.

    How are things with crime
    In resort areas such as San Jose Del Cabo, everything is very quiet and calm.

    What's with the internet
    Since we focus specifically on IT parties, high-quality Internet is one of the most important criteria when choosing a villa.

    Are there coworkings?
    We plan to create our own coworking, as well as conduct activities for entrepreneurs and programmers, as we do in Silicon Valley.

    The article gives the impression that the hub is created for parties and eternal relaxation.
    We believe that the more energy you charge from the outside world, the more energy you can spend in business, startup and code. Looking at the Google office, many do not believe that people are able to work there. Of course, we are not Google, but we understand how we can hook an inexperienced programmer.

    We plan to continue to answer incoming questions as part of this blog as we ourselves will understand them. In the meantime, we want to talk about what happened since the last post, which only talked about the idea of ​​the Hub.

    1. The project team

    There are currently 4 people in the team, each of whom closes the competency of the company. Twice a week, we hold conference calls on Google Hangouts.

    2. Legal entity. We
    opened a company in Delaware, where 90% of US corporations are registered.

    3. Villa
    One of the team members flew to Cabo today and in a few hours will begin to pick up a cool Villa, where our entrepreneurs and programmers will live.

    Here are some views of Mexico:

    Very soon, the first season's recruitment will open at CaboHub, in which we will need volunteers. The very first is the most difficult, but we will try to provide very tasty conditions for our pioneers who will be spared the upcoming cold winter.

    Follow the development of the project on Facebook , VK , Twitter , the site and write your thoughts and suggestions in the comments, or in our mail and remember that Life is too short to spend it on a gray city. Let's create a cloister of the future together!

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