Eight things everyone needs to do before 8 a.m.

Our life is full of fuss and overflowing with a to-do list. All this prevents us from moving towards our dreams; all our time is absorbed by work, children, so it is so difficult to go to your dream.

How to fill your everyday rhythm with this small, but very significant highlight - to follow your dream?

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If you do not devote even a little time to this moment, your time will get lost in the vacuum of your more and more crowded life. You will understand this when you are already a tired, withered old man and you will ask yourself more than once: “I wonder where did my time go?”

Professor Harold Hill said:
“You constantly accumulate“ tomorrow ”, and find that you are left with nothing today, because there were too many empty days“ yesterday ”.”

This article challenges you to finally rethink the rhythm of your life , in order to return you to the simple truths of our being.

Unfortunately, for most people, life to the brim is filled with "non-existent" problems, which he constantly solves, which in the end does not have any worthwhile value.

All these people are in survival mode. Are you in survival mode?

Like Bilbo, most of us are a small piece of butter that we try to spread on a large piece of bread. And even that, bread is not ours, but someone else's. Few take control of fate.

Generation Y perfectly understands what is at stake, because it was the only worldview that we were taught to live by the rules of others.

Nevertheless, the younger generation think, working at 110% and having an endless set of intentions, it is possible to live every moment on their own rules .

You are the creator of your destiny.

You are responsible for what surrounds you.

You are decisive. You must decide everything yourself, because if you do not make a decision, then someone else will take it for you.

With this daily morning routine, let's quickly change your life.

This may seem like a great list, but essentially these are pretty simple things:
  • Get enough sleep
  • Enter your "zone"
  • Make your body move
  • Eat right
  • be ready
  • Be inspired
  • Keep a future plan in mind
  • Do something that will bring you closer to your dream

Let's start:

Healthy sleep is at least 7 hours

Let's face it; sleep is also important as eating and drinking water.

Despite this, millions of people do not sleep in sufficient quantities, and therefore experience various problems.

The National Sleep Foundation (NSF) conducted surveys that showed that more than 40 million Americans suffer from nearly 70 different sleep disorders . But that's not all, 60% of adults and 69% of children experience one or more sleep problems during the week.

In addition, more than 40% of adults experience daytime drowsiness, which seriously interferes with daily activities for more than a few days each month, with 20% of them experiencing drowsiness for several days.per week or more.

A healthy sleep, in contrast, contributes to the following things:
  • Increased memory performance
  • Extends your life
  • Irritability decreases
  • Creativity Increases
  • Focuses attention
  • Overweight is reduced and muscle mass from training is increased.
  • Stress is reduced
  • The dependence on energy stimulants such as coffee is reduced.
  • Accident risk is reduced.
  • Reduces the risk of depression
  • And much more…

Continuing to read the article is pointless unless you prioritize sleep. Why do you need this if you get up at 5 in the morning, taking only 3 hours to sleep?

So you will not last long.

You can resort to stimulants to compensate for this. But with this in the present, in the future, your health can be seriously undermined . To achieve large goals, long-term stability is needed.

Prayer and meditation contribute to your clarity and abundance.

Once you have received a healthy amount of sleep, prayer and meditation will be crucial for positioning your spirit towards positive thinking. What you focus on is what you get.

Prayer and meditation fosters genuine gratitude for all that you have. Gratitude affects the versatility of thinking. When you think multifaceted - the whole world, in full view. Your possibilities are endless.

People are like magnets. When you are grateful for everything you have, you will attract more positive and good. Gratitude is contagious.

Gratitude can be a key to success. No wonder she is called the " mother " of all virtues.

If you start your morning plunging into a space of gratitude and clarity, you are attracted to the very best that the world has to offer you, just don't get distracted.

Hard physical training

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention , despite the endless evidence of physical fitness benefits, only one third of Americans between the ages of 25 and 64 regularly exercise.

If you want to stand in line with healthy, happy, productive people all over the world, make yourself a habit of training regularly. Many people now go to gyms, forcing their body to move. Recently, I noticed that, ennobling my yard in the predawn hours, an intense influx of inspiration and clarity comes to me.
Whatever your preference - make your body move.

Physical education had an impact on reducing the chance of depression, anxiety, and stress . Physical activity also affects great success in your career.

If you do not care about your body, then some other aspect of your life will suffer. Humans are holistic creatures .

Consume 30 grams of protein.

Donald Lyman, Emeritus Professor of Nutrition at the University of Illinois, recommends consuming at least 30 grams of protein for breakfast. In turn, Timothy Ferriss, author of The Body in 4 Hours, also recommends consuming 30 grams of protein within 30 minutes after waking up.

According to Timothy, his father did this and lost more than 8.5 kilograms in a month.

Protein-enriched foods keep you feeling full longer than everyone else, because they take longer to digest. Proteins also maintain the blood sugar levels needed to control hunger surges.

Protein intake, firstly, reduces the “thirst” of white carbohydrates. White carbohydrates are a type of carbohydrate that is stored in fat . Think of bagels, toasts, and donuts.

Timothy gives 4 tips for consuming protein in the morning:
  • Take at least 40% of your protein breakfast
  • Do this with 2-3 eggs (each of which approximately contains 6 grams of protein)
  • If you don't like eggs, eat something like Turkish bacon, organic bacon or sausage, or homemade cheese
  • Or you can always mix synthetic protein with water

For people who do not consume dairy products, meat and eggs, there is a great alternative - products of plant origin. Legumes, greens, nuts and seeds are all rich in protein.

Take a cold shower

Anthony Robbins begins his morning by jumping into a pool of 13-degree water .

Why does he need this?

Immersion in cold water dramatically contributes to the physical and psychological mood . By practicing this activity regularly, a person provides himself with long-term changes in his immune, lymphatic, circulatory and digestive systems , which in turn improve the quality of our lives. This activity also contributes to the process of weight loss, because it increases your metabolic process.

Research in 2007 showed that having a cold shower is the best way to treat depression.than medicines. This is due to the fact that cold water irritates receptors, causing a wave of chemical reactions of neurochemicals that make you feel happy.

Of course, in the first place there is a fear of taking a cold shower. Without a doubt, if you have ever tried, you will find yourself at a distance being a person, afraid to even think about entering the booth.

You can say to yourself: “ Come on tomorrow, old man ”, turning a lamb of hot water.

Or maybe quickly jump into ice water and transfer it to hot rhinestone.

Which helps me think of it as a cold water pool. This is a slow tormentingdeaththat creeps up to you while you are uncertainly entering it . You just do not have to go in, but jump into the pool. After 20 seconds , you will arrive in perfect order.

Similarly with a cold shower. At first, your heart beats in a crazy rhythm, but after 20 seconds everything is in order.

For me, this activity builds willpower, raises the level of my inspiration and increases my creativity . Standing under cold water, I train slow, measured breathing to restore restraint and calm. After I have cooled I feel extremely happy and inspired. A lot of ideas start to visit me and this has become my way of motivating to achieve my goals.

The plus is that this morning freak is very healthy . Do it and you will feel alive; Set the tone for your comfort zone!

Listen / Read Educational Books

Most people prefer entertainment literature , but extraordinary personalities consciously choose educational and cognitive materials . For most successful people around the world, reading at least one book a week is considered normal . These people do not stop the learning process.

For example, I can easily listen to one audiobook per week, taking quite a bit of time for this lesson: while I get to the institute, and walking around campuses.

Allowing 15-30 minutes every morning to read cognitive material, you will experience noticeable changes . This will serve as a good starting point towards achieving your goals.

For a fairly long time this approachyou will have more than one hundred books read on your account . Your knowledge will not be limited to any one narrow sphere. You will think and see the world differently. In the end, you can safely connect several topics together.

Rethink the vision of your life

Your goals written somewhere have their own specific type - long-term and short-term . Allocating only a few minutes every day to read this list, you give yourself promising settings for the day.

If you run long-term goals through yourself every day, then you will think about them constantly. If you think about them constantly, you will do the work to achieve your goals, and the latter will certainly come to life.

Achieving this goal is a science . There is no confusion or ambiguity. If you follow a simple rule, you can achieve any goals, no matter how large they are .

The fundamental aspect of recorded goals is to drive them through you every day.

Do at least one thing that brings you closer to your long-term goal.

Willpower, like muscle , is depleted by constant downloads. Similarly, the ability to make high-quality decisions is gradually fraught. The more decisions you make, the more they lose in quality, the weaker your willpower .

Therefore, the first thing in the morning is to do only complex things . It is important!

If you do not do it right away, they will remain unfinished. Because by the end of the working day you get tired and you don’t have any strength left for them. You are boiling. There is a million and one reason to put this matter aside for tomorrow. And tomorrow you put it off the day after tomorrow. In this case, important things will never be completed.

Thus, your mantra becomes the following: "At first, unimportant matters are resolved, postponing for later more important ones, which may simply not be enough time. And tomorrow it will be repeated again.

If you don’t spray, but take into account only one big goal every day, then you’ll realize that these goals are not so far away .


After you do this, no matter what matters remain until the end of the day, you solve important tasks first. You embark on the path to success, and gradually approach your dream.

Adhering to such a plan, you will notice how your life is changing for the better. Your work results will get better. Your relationship with loved ones will improve. You will be happier. You will become more confident. You will become more courageous and decisive. You will become more clear about the environment.

Your life will begin to change a little.

You will forget what it means if you got up in the morning. These things will simply leave your life forever.

You will quickly find an occupation at work that will captivate you.

Your relationship will become more quivering and deep. This is great!

You will be free and grateful.

The world and the universe will begin to smile at you!

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