We look at the logos with the brain

    A small study by British scientists about how the brain perceives logos, evokes memories and shapes attitudes towards brands.


    What happens in the brain when we look at the logo

    first ... you see the logo.

    The eye sends a signal to the primary visual cortex, and the brain recognizes the color and shape of the object seen.

    These elements are grouped, and the object is identified at the level of "this is a bird", "this is a plane."

    Then the brain compares the picture with the previous experience of meeting with her.

    Based on your previous experience, “semantic attributes” are added, such as product name, brand attributes, associations, and your preferences.

    And 400 milliseconds later, you remembered everything connected with this logo and decided to go the other way.

    How logos affect our thinking

    There is no specific area in the brain responsible for the perception of logos. Premium brands and consumer goods brands use different parts of the brain.

    The degree of familiarity with the logo also affects which area of ​​the brain is activated when meeting with it. Well-known brands use sites associated with positive emotions and rewards. While little-known brands activate neurons in areas responsible for negative emotions.

    In addition, the logos of our most beloved brands excite activity in the brain area, which is responsible for the formation of self-esteem and self-perception.

    Our attitude towards brands is similar to our attitude towards people. Favorite brands even activate the same parts of the brain that are associated with friendship and other types of relationships.

    Logos are also capable of influencing human behavior. Scientists conducted an experiment with a group of students and found that students who often came across the Disney logo showed the best results in an honesty test.

    The material was created on the basis of infographics from the site logomaker.com

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