Hello, SaaS | Dental Cloud Service Overview | Part 2

    Screen review - what is it? Everything is relatively simple - go over the service and understand its functionality. And in general, I’m glad that we did just such a service that you can talk about in this format - easy, understandable, UX-oriented, in the Single page application (SPA) paradigm and for potential users - people who just need it. So, in the first part of the screen review, I described the capabilities of the “Administrator Workplace” of SaaS of the Dental Cloud dentistry automation service and today an overview of the capabilities of the “Doctor’s Workplace”.

    The “doctor’s workplace” (doctor’s office) is designed to guide the patient’s treatment process and has the following options:

    • view schedule (appointment calendar)
    • work with the patient list
    • management of reception, reception cards, course of treatment (all methods)
    • cloud storage of x-ray and 3D images of teeth
    • control of current payments of the patient


    Patient list


    card Reception card

    Diagnosis and work guide

    Treatment diary

    Cloud storage

    Take part in testing

    P.S. Please note that again I did everything on the iPad in the browser.

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