The potential of India for the development of business IT-companies

    Earlier, we wrote about the start of a business travel program to India , and to Kerala, the Indian IT capital. As promised, very soon an introductory meeting will be held in Moscow for IT companies interested in expanding and entering the Indian market. Representatives of India’s greenest technology park “Harmony @ Work” come to the meeting to talk about India’s potential for business development, national characteristics of IT project development and technology park infrastructure opportunities.

    Recently, Russia, to a large extent, has intensified cooperation with the BRICS countries. This means that the road opens for quick interaction and opportunities for entering the Indian market. But few people think of the Indian market as a platform for small businesses, a platform for the implementation of their own technological startups.

    Having been in India (in the state of Kerala), one gets the feeling that the country is preparing for a great leap. Only in one state of Kerala, with an area smaller than the Smolensk region, with a population of 33 times (!) More, 4 operating technoparks with the most modern infrastructure have been built. The problem with personnel who flock from all over India in search of a good job, low-cost infrastructure for life, good climatic and environmental conditions has been resolved.

    According to a more accurate estimate, in 2013/14, India's GDP growth amounted to 6.9%, and in 2014/15, the maximum GDP growth over the past four years is at 7.3%. In India, all three major sectors of the Indian economy developed hastily. Industry increased by 5.9%, services - by 10.6%. The service sector remains the fastest growing and significant for the country's economy as a whole .

    As for information technology - look at the statistics. It is enough to pay attention to the fact that the population of India is 1.3 billion people and only 15% of them still use the Internet. The dynamics are very interesting. It is 3800% and, apparently, in 2020, Indians will come in second place in terms of the number of Internet users in the world. This means that the business is going sharply online.

    The meeting with representatives of business and technology parks of India will be held on August 11, at 10:00. Location: Moscow, Leningradsky Prospekt, 55, 3rd floor, 305th office (International School of Business of the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation).

    After that, a business tour to India will be organized for those who intend to develop their business. You can apply for participation in the preliminary meeting on the event website. There you can familiarize yourself with the preliminary tour program and ask questions.

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