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Two installations that helped me write this post.

  • “A successful project is 30% - the quality of the product, 30% - the presentation of the product, 30% - good luck," dear A. Nosik used to say, and I don’t know where he’s done another 10% and today we are talking about the Presentation.
  • An article on Gazeta.ru costs 250,000 rubles, an average check for posting an article on the site of the 2nd echelon of any industry segment (even hipster) is from 40,000 rubles, a sponsorship package for an offline profile event is 800,000 rubles and you can easily calculate how much we already saved.

Those. Today, practice is how / where / why do free content promotion at the beginning of the journey using the example of Dental Cloud .

By content promotion, I mean posting articles about your project on the web as the only free way to present your project. And in my opinion, a purely personal opinion, the result of such work is not even traffic to the site (although it is vital), but getting a live picture about your project and its life when typing the project name in the search system.


Why - cheap, you can do it yourself, we do not pay for the sowing and the authors.

Who is doing- The CEO or the person who “lived on the project” - figured out the details, studied the product, saw the team. Those. it can be a CMO or an external author who works and writes on a living project.

Hopelessness - TOP editions are unlikely to be written about you before the IPO - everyone is interested in deals and turnovers - no one is interested in technologies and startups before the round. For example, cnet.com wrote about my project , we were the first in the world to offer the market the loading of SIM card profiles through applications. Russian publications did not show interest in the project.

Directions of PR and subjects of platforms

  • Startup theme (Flat content) - from “what we are talking about” to “what we eat as a team”
  • The subject area - we have dentistry
  • Evangelism and subject matter expertise - IT - for example, we explain to doctors why “clouds” are good
  • The informal life of the project - we started a flat blog on Medium
  • Product
  • Mobile


  • At the beginning of the path, you can not prioritize these areas with the obvious need to convey information about your product to your potential users.
  • Do not get involved in startup topics because it is not clear that it’s better to have an “eternal startup or a well-deserved startup” and you need to grow up from startup pants. From my own experience - I left the topic after receiving the Startup of the Year award for my projects.
  • Start a personal blog, and preferably 2 - grocery / industry and informal.
  • I’m not talking about social networks today - this is a separate story about which I will write about.
  • It’s very important not to distort or “pour content” at all in Central Asia. For example, our marketing director wrote in RG (Rossiyskaya Gazeta) material about coupon services and signed the company name. The link “WG-coupon services-dentistry automation in the signature is“ fire ”. Based on the results of the case, we corrected the specialist in writing a series of articles about Internet promotion for dental clinics - this is still a great benefit for our potential customers.

Free features (where we wrote)

It was possible to easily agree with all the sites or the moderation filter works on them. I note that we try to write unique content and do not use the services of copywriters. Although, we have plans to start translating articles on the subject of innovation in dentistry on paid TOP dental portals, but this is already a story about money.

Who to learn to blog or write on the network (SaaS segment)

Dmitry Chistov - maintains a personal blog with 35,000 readings in six months.
Askar Rakhimberdiev - writes a lot about business and product (it is strange that he does not keep a blog).
Alexey Kalachnikov - SaaS industry blog.
Terrasoft is a great corporate blog.


  • They were the first in the dental automation segment by TIC for 3 months of the campaign.
  • Abandoned SEO.
  • All registrations and customers with free content.
  • Multiple MAOs
  • A number of articles themselves entered the TOP search for keywords that are important to us.

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