Startups in the field of digital medicine Eureka and VitaPortal will cost $ 20 million three years after the merger

    Startups Eureka and VitaPortal announced a merger. Companies work at the intersection of medicine and the Internet. The Eureka Group specializes in working with a professional medical audience on the Internet. "VitaPortal" - a user online resource about health. After the merger, the shares of the shareholders will be divided on an equal footing. The parties to the transaction expect that in three years the combined company will cost $ 20 million.

    VitaPortal was launched in 2011 by the Fastlane Ventures ( FV ) business incubator . During its existence, the startup has attracted $ 4.35 million investment. Project investors are venture funds Prostor Capital and Runa Capitalas well as business angel Esther Dyson, founder and CEO of Life Sciences Angel Network Milena Adamyan and entrepreneur Alexei Kandikov. According to the company, the monthly audience of VitaPortal exceeds 1.6 million users.

    Since 2010, the Eureka Group has been developing online pharmaceutical and medical products. The professional information and educational resource for doctors with an audience of more than 49 thousand specialists is the main project of the company. Eureka has also developed a technology platform for continuing medical online education Tsnmo.rf .

    The founder and owner of the “Eureka” group is Alexander Ohanjanyan. According to SPARK-Interfax, the company's revenue in 2013 amounted to 4.7 million rubles, a net loss of 15 thousand rubles. Over the past year, the total revenue of the Eureka and VitaPortal groups doubled compared to 2013. This year, the project management plans to profit.

    “The medical IT segment remains one of the fastest growing in terms of attracting investment, as well as in terms of audience size and tool development. The newly created company has great growth potential - not only organic, but also through acquisitions, ”said Alexander Ohanjanyan.

    According to the consulting company Mercom Capital GroupIn 2014, financial support in the field of IT for medical startups doubled compared to 2013 and reached $ 4.7 billion. The number of transactions increased to 670. Many investors around the world consider digital medicine a promising area.

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