The growth of Rostelecom broadband access subscribers for the first time exceeded the total growth of competitors

    According to Telecom Daily , in April - June 2015, the number of fixed broadband subscribers in Russia increased by 150 thousand to 29 million households. The number of Rostelecom subscribers has increased by 80 thousand - up to 10.59 million. For the first time, the operator provided more than half (53%) of the growth of broadband access subscriber base. In the last quarter, the share of Rostelecom was only 40%.

    According to company representative Valery Kostarev, it is not surprising that Rostelecom, as the largest broadband operator in the country, connects new subscribers the most. According to the results of the first quarter of 2015, 26 million households were covered by optical networks and this penetration is now being converted into a subscriber base growth, he notes. Such activity of the operator is the decade-state program bridging the digital divide, convey "Vedomosti".

    Unlike competitors, which expand the base only due to geography, Rostelecom is trying to reconnect subscribers of other operators to its fiber-optic GPON networks.

    The subscriber base of the country will be able to grow further due to greater integration of the Internet with television and other additional sources of content for broadband access subscribers, said Anna Aibasheva , representative of VimpelCom .

    MTS was also able to increase its base in all cities in which there are already operator subscribers. The number of MTS subscribers amounted to 2.49 million in the II quarter of 2015, and the growth quarter to quarter reached 20 thousand. In the II quarter of 2015, the broadband access market grew mainly due to small and medium-sized settlements in the south of Russia, the Urals and Siberia: in some regions, the growth rate as a percentage year-on-year was double-digit, says MTS representative Dmitry Solodovnikov.

    TTKinferior to MTS, but it still manages to maintain the growth of its subscriber base. According to the company, its growth in the II quarter amounted to 11 thousand - mainly due to residents of small towns in the eastern part of the country. According to Telecom Daily, the number of broadband access subscribers of TTK has increased by only 7 thousand.

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