How to win an audience if you are an IaaS provider

Original author: Zach Bulygo
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At 1cloud, we constantly share our own cases with you to optimize the work of our IaaS provider. Today we continue the story and talk about how attention to detail has allowed us to gain the trust of customers.

To do this, we will take a look at the history and experience of the popular Dropbox service. Go! / photo mkhmarketing CC

Quick acquaintance

One good example of a really useful start page is a brief account of the benefits of the service. Here you can use the animation or even make a short video. A similar approach was chosen in Dropbox - this is an excellent first step in the onboarding process.

The most important thing in this approach is minimalism and the absence of distracting factors: links to the pricing policy of the service, all kinds of quality certificates and awards, links to mentions in specialized publications and widgets of social networks.

We decided to follow suit, but did not make an absolute copy. One of our main principles of work is simplicity for customers (and even those who do not have knowledge of IT) and openness.

Therefore, we proposed a minimalist virtual infrastructure rental cost calculator right on the main . Of course, we have not forgotten about our advantages - for this there is an animated gallery at the top of the start page.

We talked about the redesign of our site in a separate post.

More friends - more money

If the service is of high quality and allows you to solve all the necessary tasks, then few will doubt and charmingly recommend it to friends. Moreover, if you can also get a small reward for this.

This approach allows you to automate the promotion of a product or service. Do not forget about it if you are developing something similar. Remuneration may not always be cash. for example, Dropbox generously provides additional storage space to anyone who invites friends. Almost all businesses use a similar program.

We were no exception and made it possible both to pay for our services and to withdraw funds to the client’s account, if for him this method of receiving remuneration is more preferable.

Game mechanics

Here it is worth paying attention not only to the so-called "gamification" of the workflow, but also the general degree of ease of performing certain actions. It can be estimated in the number of transitions and the necessary support requests.

For example, in Dropbox we can share a file or an entire folder using a unique link. For unregistered users, the company decided to display an offer to subscribe to the service, and thus received an influx of additional audience.

If we talk about direct games, then Dropbox was one of the first to hold vibrant online contests that everyone told each other about. The essence of these contests was to solve entertaining problems and get additional space in the cloud storage as a reward.

PS In the process, it is very important not to lose sight of the nuances that can significantly increase the convenience of your product or service. Attention to detail is the key to success and the trust of your audience.

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