The first steps of the head of sales

    CallTouch sales director Alexey Avdeev shared his thoughts on what steps the head of the sales department should take when taking office.


    The key sales problems in almost any organization lie in inefficiently built processes, lack of control and incorrect motivation. First of all, I advise the new manager to thoroughly study all the details of the department’s current work: where does the client come from, what do managers do from the first contact to the sale, what automation tools are used, how is interaction between the department and other departments configured, what scripts are used, and what are the current managers' indicators, sales statistics for past months and years, etc.

    If the leader came from the side, it can take a lot of time. Interviews with employees and clients, study of internal documentation will help. It is imperative to independently understand all the stages of the funnel and be able to help any client - for this it is worth some time to independently carry out the work of the manager. As soon as the preparatory stage is completed, and a complex picture of the processes develops in one’s head, one must begin by simplifying them - excluding parasitic processes, automating the passage of the funnel by the client and all communications as much as possible.

    A lot of words have already been written about the fact that without a properly configured CRM-system you can not last long. Each stage of interaction with the client should be clearly laid out, notifications to the manager must be set up so that not a single client is lost or forgotten. Based on CRM data, you can configure automated reports and dashboards. And based on them, you can consider the correct motivation of employees. In addition to revenue, you should definitely look at the sales margin for managers and the efficiency of processing incoming calls.

    Source: Large-scale blog .

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