The Story of Cooks, Snails and Content Marketing

    Many people write about the role of content marketing in online sales. Since this is the main specialization of our agency , we read almost everything on this topic. But we wanted to talk about content marketing in a story format. The reason for this was one meeting ...

    Anatoly N. worked as an assistant cook in an elite restaurant. Every day he cut thin slices of farm pork liver paste, stuffed burgundy snails, and deep-fried mussels. Soon he was bored terribly.


    And then I met a school friend. Tumbling in hand the fifth iPhone, he spoke about his successful business on the Internet. Sales, conversion, landing pages - everything is so exciting. He began to look for goods that can also be traded on the Internet.

    Due to the specifics of his work, his range of interests was limited to culinary and kitchen utensils. Gradually, he came up with the idea of ​​selling multicookers. “After all, it’s a good thing,” he thought, “he. With such a thing, every housewife will cook soup, and snails. ”

    In an elite restaurant, they paid well, so our hero had a nest egg for which he bought the first batch of multicookers. I must say that at that time it was a fairly new product on the market. Of course, the “pumped up” housewives used this miracle of engineering, but quietly, without undue excitement. And manufacturers only probed the market.

    Anatolia was lucky with the supplier. He offered a little-known, but very high-quality brand, which, moreover, was cheaper than similar models on the market. The supplier "probed" the market and agreed to a minimum batch of 20 pieces.

    Anatoly ordered a landing page, texts for him, bought contextual advertising for $ 200 (freelancers helped set up for a small fee).

    Here it is - business! Sit and wait for orders.
    But they are not ...

    Anatoly looks at Yandex.Metrica and does not understand anything. It seems that people go to the site, and purchases - zero. For the sake of persuasiveness, even Google.Analytics installed - the same picture.

    Bought a month from Anatoly as much as one slow cooker.

    The design is good, the texts are selling, the advertising is customized, even the buttons of the right colors and sizes. And sales - 1.

    Tell someone who likes this: launched a business and ended up on the edge ...


    ... on the edge, on the right, among successful school friends.

    Another would have been saddened by such a conversion, but a person who is able to cook mutton cutlets in Roussillon would not give up so quickly.

    One evening he sent a short letter to ten women he knew:

    "Hello, small one!"
    Would you be so kind as to visit my site and say why you will not buy the goods that are sold on it. Be honest and honest. I have coffee and candy.
    Tolik "

    All answered Anatolia. One young lady even ordered a slow cooker. Yeah! “Email marketing!” A young businessman made a note in his notebook.

    In general, the respondents had no complaints about the product. It is understandable, because no one used it. But there were a lot of questions:

    - Is it possible to cook borscht?
    - How fast is pilaf made?
    - Does it consume a lot of electricity?

    He began to answer friends, but then it dawned on him! Here it is - a puzzle without which the picture did not work out.

    I dug up on the Internet and saw what was called the missing link in content marketing.

    He has a good product, but only people do not know anything about it. There is nothing to talk with each other about this product. They don’t trust crock-pots, they don’t know this brand, who they are and why all of a sudden this thing will make their life easier.

    Anatoly collected all possible questions about multicookers and launched a blog on the site. Each post is the answer to a question. Published some articles entirely in women's forums. Then the copywriters made him several large and sensible articles about slow cookers, about dishes that can be cooked in them, and all this went to women's sites. Video shot about his product - a link on the social network.

    A month later, he looks into analytics - search traffic has grown, direct too, there are transitions from articles. He sees that people are lingering on his site, reading, studying. And now there are more returns. I remembered about the entry in the notebook "Email Marketing" and did the newsletter: "The best dishes in the multicooker."

    Three or four years have passed since then. Anatoly N. still sells crock-pots, but not only them. He has a small online store selling kitchenware. Special pride - Japanese knives for professional chefs. 30,000 people, mostly women, have signed up for his newsletter. Periodically, he posts articles about his products on various sites and forums. But the main content is a blog with articles and reviews. He believes that it was the content that helped him sell the first batch of goods.

    We recently met with Anatoly again, he complained about the crisis and the general decline in trade, but he looked confident.

    - At least my store is working, unlike some. I put the budget only in seo, context and content. I'm going to launch a new project - the sale of high-end products. Have you ever tried Burgundy snails?

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