Avito.ru claims a share in the contextual advertising market - the company launched Avito Context

    On July 1, Avito.ru launched the Avito Context service for contextual advertising. The service will show ads to "users who are now in search of such products." The audience of the service is online stores, which, according to Avito, have a request for such a product.

    The Avito Context service will operate on the principle of Yandex.Direct and Google AdWords. The user will independently create advertising campaigns in his personal account, adjust the display time, plan the budget and target ads in Russia. While the service is available from desktop computers, but later appears on the mobile site and in the Avito applications.

    Each ad in Avito Context must be moderated within no more than two business days, it must comply with the rules of the site.

    Payment occurs for transitions and is from one penny per click. The system works according to the auction model, advertisers are trading for an ad slot in real time. Each time a user logs on to the site, a second price auction is launched, based on its result, an advertisement is determined that will be displayed. The winning ad is displayed in first place, runner-up - lower among user ads.

    In the first quarter, the advertising market fell by 17% compared to the same period in 2014, revenues of publishers of newspapers and magazines fell by a third, radio stations by a quarter, outdoor advertising by a quarter. Television advertising was down 22%. The Internet has become the only growing segment in the Russian advertising market due to an increase in contextual advertising costs by 16%.

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