Tasty or healthy? We had a business breakfast with CallTouch

    On the 24th, at Nevsky 8 CallTouch, a business breakfast was held. The speakers of Elama, CallTouch, ROIRS and Artillery Group treated the invited coffee audience and talked about the eternal: “How to make ROI higher and the content more interesting?”.


    In order to stay in trend and not to stop developing, we try to attend events in the field of Internet marketing. However, the time spent on free events also costs money. Therefore, we would like to talk about how it was, where it was, what we heard and what conclusions we made so that you could form your opinion and decide whether to attend such events.

    About the place

    In addition to a cozy cafe, the “Artist's Shop” is famous for selling a variety of thematic literature and unusual items brought from exhibitions, galleries and museums in many countries of the world.
    In a word, the atmosphere was conducive to the perception of beauty.

    About speeches

    Arkady Yaparov, head of marketing at Elama, was the first to speak. Topic: “Effective contextual advertising. Automation capabilities and practical tips. ”

    Arkady talked about the advantages of automating online advertising, analyzing examples of the influence of various parameters on the clickability of ads. It would seem that everyone knows the basics of promotion on the network, but to know and use, are different things. Case "Elama" clearly showed how minor trifles, such as the absence of negative keywords, can slow down the conversion from the site.

    The main points of the report:
    1. Indicate the price of the goods in the advertisement.
    2. The headline and ad text should contain keywords.
    3.Has discounts and promotions? Mention them in the ad text.
    4. Use negative keywords.
    5. Constantly adjust campaigns. Remove non-target words with low CTR.

    Alexey Avdeev, Sales Director of Calltouch, spoke with the theme: “Marketing optimization based on analytics of referral sources. We track calls and applications, increase the efficiency of advertising by 2 times, ”which immediately attracted our attention. The specifics of our business are very similar.

    Alex explained to the audience the advantages of the call source tracking system by using the site number swapping. As an example, mentioning the case of the company "Sparta".

    The main points of the report:
    1.70% of orders are carried out by phone, but Yandex Metric does not track them.
    2. The system allows you to track the visitor’s actions (when he called, when contacting which advertising campaign, how many times he made a call).
    3. The time to reserve a phone number for a client depends on the duration of the visit and the depth of viewing the site.
    4. The cost of the service depends on the time of reservation of rooms. The minimum package of services is from 4,500 rubles. 500 site visitors will cost approximately 5,000 rubles.
    After the report, the speaker drowned in questions from the audience. The hall could not understand how to control the advertising company and guide the client if the company number is constantly changing on the site. Various experience with the calltracking system was voiced. Alexey answered a number of voiced problems, but nevertheless, the tool that he proposed was not easy to understand.

    After a short break, Maxim Pichevsky, managing partner of ROI RS, spoke. His presentation “From clicks to ROI. The real case of marketing automation ”was the most memorable.

    The main message of the speech: it’s hard for marketing to work with voluminous statistics and reporting. Therefore, a tool was created that, to the maximum, removes this burden from creative professions, analyzing the costs of the organization using external resources.
    The presentation included questions to the audience and immediately provided answers to them, statistics, information about the marketing management system, as well as a case study on working with a large client.

    The main points of the report:
    1. The system integrates data from the PBX to process all applications.
    2. There is a detailed report on operators, calls made and their transfers to sales, conversion of each employee. The ROI of each ad campaign is calculated.
    4. Many marketers incorrectly consider ROI, because profit and investment are not the same thing. For the correct calculation, you need to divide the profit into investments.
    5. The final data is integrated into the CRM report. After the work done, recommendations are given on the work of the marketing department and budget allocation.
    After Maxim’s speech, only three questions were raised: “Are there any other similar cases”, “Is this more a system or consulting services” and “How much does it cost?”.
    It turned out that there are cases. This product is a system and consulting in one. Its cost is 20,000 rubles per month.

    Alexander Kuzmin, Managing Partner of Artillery Group, spoke with the theme: “Web analytics for b2b and b2c. The nuances that will change your picture of the world (Internet marketing for sure). "

    The keynote of the report was cross-cutting analytics, there was a lot of information about the work of the Google Analytics service. In the first 5 minutes of the report, frankly, it seemed that Alexander was working on Google :)

    The main points of the report:
    1.Google Analytics is a multi-channel and multi-device analytics, custom reports, connecting CRM and calltracking services via API. And configuring the system is easier than it sounds.
    2. Cross-cutting analytics is an analysis of the effectiveness of advertising campaigns based on sales data.
    3.Google Analytics allows, depending on the advertising campaign, to prioritize different sources. Thus, allowing you to analyze in detail the budget expenditures for attracting each client.
    Alexander's speech gave reason to think about the need to work with Google Analytics directly, and not through intermediaries.

    About impressions

    All expectations were met. The immediate plans included: adding new indicators to marketing reports, developing low-CTR keywords for an advertising campaign in Yandex Direct and adding a number of negative keywords, as well as developing a campaign in Google Analytics.

    The main advantages of the past business breakfast:
    • A successful venue for the event. Pleased with the friendly staff and the cozy design of the room.
    • The speakers felt confident and correctly answered questions from the audience. Theoretical knowledge was confirmed by cases.
    • Bonus, for the most hungry: endless coffee, juices and tea were backed up with cookies and fruits.
    Of the shortcomings were only annoying, but minor trifles:
    • There was no microphone for the audience. Some questions were not heard by the audience.
    • The seats of many chairs were staggering.

    The general emotion of those who visited the business breakfast was a pleasant uplift. No displeased persons were noticed, but there were meditators. So everything went well.

    To summarize.

    If you are also looking for methods of analytics and business promotion, be sure to try out all the options:
    1. Elama
    2. CallTouch
    3. ROI RS
    4. Artilleria
    5. Cashmyvisit

    Try and something will work;)

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