Fixico - a program that even your grandmother will appreciate

    This is the first post on our blog. Here we will talk about the service that we created and which we do not stop improving. By the way, there is a surprise in the text of the article, so we recommend reading through to the end. It’s hard for us to remain objective, because when developing Fixico, a solution for optimizing the work and protecting computers and devices, we tried to make it advanced in terms of technology and as simple as possible for the user. Even your grandmother can easily figure it out. Although this is superfluous. Fixico will do everything himself.

    So what is Fixico?

    It all started in 2012, when we decided to create a service that replaces many separate applications that can make life easier for the average user, saving his time and effort. Often, users are not ready to independently deal with computer problems, maintenance, installing updates, managing antivirus and antispyware programs, and more. Having many years of experience in the field of management and security of information technologies, we decided to kill all the birds with one stone and developed Fixico based on IBM and Trend Micro technologies.
    Fixico will be useful for home and office users. Here are a few Fixico benefits we are proud of:

    Easy to use.
    To get started, you need to go to, register and download the client program. Fixico will do the rest. The user needs to control the processes and monitor what is happening using the admin panel.

    Automatic problem solving
    Fixico works on the principle of minimal user anxiety and automatically removes viruses, malware and spyware. It also independently updates programs and patches, monitors and fixes problems. The user only needs to start the necessary processes, and then the magic happens.

    Cloud technologies
    You can remotely manage connected devices using an administrator account, monitor processes and help in changing settings, wherever you are. To do this, you only need an Internet connection. Yes, all this is really so simple.

    We decided that with Fixico, computers and devices would be faster and safer, and combined many incredibly useful tools. We will tell you more about them:

    Performance Optimization
    One of the important factors for “braking”, crashes and computer freezes is a cluttered and fragmented Windows registry. In essence, the system registry is a database for storing all information about a computer, settings of the operating system and programs. Over time, it accumulates a kind of “garbage”: links to remote programs, invalid file extensions, duplicate links, and much more. Fixico regularly scans devices for such errors and removes / fixes where necessary. In addition, Fixico defragments the hard drive, which allows you to improve computer performance, prevent it from possible crashes and freezes.

    Removing toolbars The
    service easily removes malicious programs that are advertising in nature or simply get on the nerves against which a conventional antivirus is powerless. As a rule, toolbars are installed due to inattention in the process of installing free software, but removing them is not an easy task. Moreover, toolbars not only occupy a precious place on the screen of your monitor, but can also spy on user behavior.

    Remote access
    By connecting computers and devices of your family or company to one account, you can help in setting up devices, launch certain updates and patches, and monitor the work done, providing technical support to users as if you are nearby. No need to install anything - we did everything for you.

    Laundry service and updates
    even when you are not at the computer, watching TV or sleeping, Fixico does all the work for you. Invisibly and automatically. You can no longer install the latest software and antivirus updates yourself, as this update will happen automatically. Moreover, we monitor the “health” of the hard drive and can talk about the “disease” at an early stage.

    Antivirus and protection
    Instead of installing separate numerous and expensive programs, with Fixico you get a package for diagnosing and combating malware and spyware, viruses, trojans. We created a service based on IBM and Trend Micro technologies to provide simple and effective antivirus protection.

    Filtering content for adults
    and another useful feature: Fixico allows you to restrict access by children to adult and inappropriate content. We offer several levels of protection - from adult content to dubious sites. In addition, by connecting your account phone to the Fixico admin panel, you will always be aware of where your child is.

    This is only a small part of Fixico's capabilities - we are constantly adding new ones in order to keep up with the times. By the way, despite the maximum automation of processes, it is the user who completely controls the service.

    We have developed three packages: free, basic and premium, and also offer users a free trial version of the program in order to be able to evaluate all the benefits of the service. The premium package provides antivirus and automatic maintenance of computers, including updating programs, OS and security patches.
    The free package includes monitoring and analysis, cleaning the registry, deleting unnecessary files and defragmenting the disk.
    The price varies from 0 to 5 dollars per month, depending on the package chosen and the type of payment: monthly or annual. In any case, even the maximum annual price of Fixico is much lower than the prices of a decent antivirus.

    We are constantly updating the database of viruses, spyware and malware, potentially unwanted programs and toolbars, because the success of automatic treatment directly depends on the quality of the diagnosis. In addition, we carefully monitor the updates of programs and systems that appear and offer our users only working versions.

    And what is ahead?
    Every day we work to improve the existing service: whether it is adding new features, optimizing the interaction scenario, changing the code or improving the design. We want the service to be simple and easy to use and as efficient as possible. In the near future we are preparing a Fixico client for mobile devices, as well as a version for more advanced users.

    And here is the promised surprise for readers. We give a code for a month of free use of the program. To use it, follow the link:

    We will keep you updated on what is happening and share the news. Stay tuned!

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