Problems of lyrics in the world of physics, or Difficulties in integrating the humanities in the IT sphere

Instead of the foreword

The programmer decided to change his profile and become a writer. He came to the publishing house to the editor-in-chief, he asked him:
“Where have you been published before?”
- In the Internet.
“Why have I never heard of you?”
- Well, I'm not writing in Russian ...
- And in which?
- Basic, Pascal, php, MySQL.

I am a humanist. To the core. Since childhood, I loved reading and dreamed of becoming a science fiction writer. I could watch for hours around what was happening around, whether it was children’s games in the neighboring yard or ants crawling along the branches of grapes, not participating in the process, and then coming up with observations from history. In high school, I was an excellent student in Russian and literature. I had and have so keenly developed linguistic flair. It is not surprising that I learned to become a journalist at a university, and before that I studied in circles and went to summer theme camps, participated in all kinds of competitions for young and young. Wherever it was necessary to write in Russian, I persistently tried to prove myself and apply my talent (?) In practice. From the age of 16 she began to be published in the print press, and then she “moved” to the Internet, having mastered WordPress and even a bit of php.

Why am I? No, I do not boast. I am amazed. To the fact that when I began to work actively in the IT sphere three years ago, I faced natural discrimination. Its essence lies in the fact that, as it turned out, all people are divided by profession into two types: technobogs and, sorry, humanitarian *** and ... Technobogs are people who have received technical education. Let it be a seedy provincial college of computer science, and the person who graduated from it works as a system administrator for a quarter of the rate for a penny. He is still holy convinced that a priori smarter than me. Because I am a) a humanist, b) a woman, c) I'm not getting into my own business (men's "computer" topics).

True, I also saw pogromist girls and html layout designers. But all of them preferred to remain silent in the company of guru Onotole, we will conditionally call this caste so and shyly clap eyelashes. And soon I realized why.

To any question, real technobogs roll their eyes, sigh heavily and say: “I would not climb ...” But I can’t. I love and know how to learn, and education is impossible without questions and appeal not only to the works of theoreticians, but also to the experience of practitioners. I want to write well and interestingly about SEO, DDoS, cyber terrorism, web design and much more. This is really interesting to me, because I am an active Internet user. And I'm not a rewriter. It’s important for me to do my job well: write. To write well, you need to understand three things: WHAT I write, WHY and FOR WHOM. Therefore, I am pestering techno-gods with idiotic questions, in their opinion. I want to get detailed and intelligible answers, and not read the wikipedia, where I have already been sent several times.

I have also heard repeatedly that copywriters / content authors in IT are not needed. This is an “easy” job that any techie can handle. After all, the same “any techie” knows the Russian alphabet, which means that he can write any texts on it, checking spelling and punctuation in Word. And also, apparently, the program will correct his style and structure of the text, make it fit the canons of a certain genre ... Well, why do people who know programming languages ​​treat such great carelessness as great and powerful? After all, it is not at all simpler, but very intricate and sophisticated than any php ...

In addition, techies have already written programs that will replace us, writers, in the future. Services that unify texts by synonyms, programs that write original novels ... I read those unique texts, and this is the same feces, I apologize for the pun ... Maybe a chaotic mix of outdated words, terms and argo, chosen from the synonym dictionary randomly, will not confuse Yandex search robots, but from the readers such masterpieces should be hidden away, because they look like schizophrenic nonsense.

Let's try to look at the situation from the other side, roughly speaking, switch roles. What if I, receiving an order for “articles for the site”, cleverly cleverly responded: “Articles, sir, look for Dahl’s dictionary and the criminal code! And what you want to order is called an advertising description ... Any freshman in journalism knows this! Although what is it before you to crucify, what you graduated from there, the school of communication, or what is this bursa called there ...? ” And curl my lips in a scornful half-smirk. Because your ignorance of journalistic terms and your unwillingness to google them before using them in a conversation with the pros insults me to the depths of a humane soul. Do you know that theorists distinguish more than 60 genres of advertising texts? But there are still pr-texts ... Do not know? Go google! And your typos in TK,

“Beautiful text in the section“ About the company ”? Well, that’s what it is called a background grinder .... (heavy sigh) "

" I will not write keywords as they are copied from Wordstat! From these monstrous combinations, Pushkin turned over in his grave, but I don’t want his ghost to come to me at night ... "

" Roll the text in an hour? What, I need inspiration, I need to hone every phrase, how sea waves have been polishing pebbles for years, because I pretend to Pulitzer for this imperishable about electric kettles ... "

" Quickly find typos in KP for clients? I didn’t study for 5 years as a PR journalist! Hire a proofreader or open a Russian language textbook, I can give you a reference! ”

“Why do people drop the page where the ad in Yandex.Direct leads? And how do I know, I’m not an expert on these ads, I work in a different genre, I don’t know anything about relevance and don’t want to know! ”

But I do not say all this. I don’t send people to google, read the wiki, I don’t send picchu “I want to take and give ...” Because I am a professional. And for me the main result, and not to show off to customers / colleagues. And I don’t divide people into techno-gods and humanitarian women who have “a place at the box office in Mack”. I divide them into pros and non-professionals. And who are you?


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