Messengers: how to find your niche

    In the last pa s, we discussed a bit how developed messengers and what is now the situation is on the market. Each application tries to: a) differ from the others by some function (Telegram, for example, is the security of correspondence, WhatsApp was originally distinguished by binding to a phone number); and b) maximally create an ecosystem within itself with everything you need - shops, taxis, payments, etc. The best example here is Facebook Messenger, which over the past six months has received a dozen new features of this kind. Messengers see that this is in demand (at least among investors) and grow in all directions.

    Many outsourcing developers at the word "messenger" grab their heads and with the words "no, just not my brain" run into the distance. Why is that? It seems that the market is already crowded and it is impossible to do something new that will appeal to both the customer and users. Does this mean that there is no room left on the market for new messaging systems? Not at all, and we, the ChaTeam team, will tell you in which area we are developing.

    Talking about the new generation of instant messengers and their multifunctionality, we completely forget about why they were created. About user communication and correspondence. What is missing here?

    Let's say you are a lover of dwarf turtles from the island of Madagascar. You go to the store for a new polish for the shell, and suddenly you have a question - which one to choose. How do you find active friends who are interested in them and quickly chat on a topic? You will say that there is a social group called “Dwarf turtles from Madagascar” on the social network. That's right, but social networking is a leisurely and very interactive process. When they will answer you and whether they will answer at all, it is not clear. You post, and always (and it does not depend on the size of the group and its subject) are not completely sure what kind of reaction it will cause and whether it will be at all.

    This is where ChaTeam comes in - our new messenger. ChaTeam is not only correspondence with friends and colleagues, but also an arbitrary number of specialized “channels”, chats on a specific topic. All this in a mobile format and convenient, already familiar form of messenger.

    The speed of our life has increased significantly over the last few years, and the speed of our communication has also increased. Everyone understands this, starting with Facebook, which is constantly improving its news feed in attempts to provide us with the most relevant and relevant content, and ending with mobile applications with their short sessions, within which you should be able to do everything you need in 5 minutes, or conceived by the author.

    The idea of ​​ChaTeam is that the application gives this speed of information and communication consumption, but at the same time it is not overcrowded social networks, not closed messengers. This is a platform to search and chat with interesting people on topics that interest you.

    One of the main tasks of ChaTeam is to find an audience for a live conversation on a topic that interests you.

    While searching for new features, many instant messengers forgot about how to look for friends and communicate. We created ChaTeam for quick interactive communication on any topic. You can just search for topics you need. Having found, connect to chat rooms, channels and chat, making friends and like-minded people. If you don’t find a topic, create your own channel and invite people to it. All this at the speed that all users of mobile devices are already accustomed to, that is, on the go, quickly and simply, cross-platform, with a mobile interface, push notifications, geolocation and other joys of smartphones and tablets.

    What would a tortoise case look like in the ChaTeam “universe”?

    You take out a smartphone in a store, find a public about turtles, see who is online, join a group, ask a question about polish and attach a photo of a store shelf with a variety of choices. Connected users receive a question (for example, with a push notification) and, due to their competencies, they answer it.

    Is it great? Seriously, there can be a ton of situations that require a quick search for a live audience. For example, on an exam, or on the road, when a traffic police representative stopped you, or when you watch a movie at home and want to meet fans of a movie or an actor, or in a store when you impulsively decide to buy a TV and don’t know what to choose. There can be an infinite number of such channels on different topics, they can be closed and open, with or without photos. In fact, ChaTeam is a mobile social network (sorry for another big name, but it is) in the messenger format - fast, interactive, friendly. With a different rate of consumption and placement of information, but most importantly - for friends and on all topics of interest to you.

    Next time we’ll talk about how we develop ChaTeam. While you can subscribe to our blog on Megamose, already try the beta version of our Android application , or subscribe to the iOS application waiting list .

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