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    Traditionally, one of the most interesting sections of the annual Yandex conference Yet another Conference on Marketing 2015 is devoted to technological trends. This year, the organizers introduced the guests to call tracking. About how to analyze call sources and optimize advertising campaigns, Yandex invited Alexey Avdeev , Sales Director of Calltouch, to tell.

    “We carefully selected each speaker and tried to make the program as meaningful as possible - the reports touch upon technologies and tools that every Internet marketer should know about,” explained Andrey Sebrant , Yandex services marketing director and event host.


    Alexey Avdeev told the audience how the Calltouch service selects targeted calls through the voice menu or call center call forwarding, integrates this data with CRM and determines which advertising sources are most effective. Thanks to this, marketers have the opportunity to optimize contextual advertising, build a competent SEO strategy, check the conversion of different devices, browsers and site design changes. So, using the example of one of the largest Russian car dealers, Calltouch demonstrated an increase in the number of targeted calls by 4.5 times and a decrease in the cost of one call by 3 times.

    Alexey’s performance aroused interest both among specialists unfamiliar with call tracking and those who had already dealt with him. Before inviting Calltouch to speak at the event, Yandex employees tested the service and made sure of its effectiveness, and now the conference participants have learned about it.

    - I was interested in how call tracking can track the final goals if the client came from an email newsletter. Alexey explained that Calltouch can determine this both by phone number and by the link indicated in the letter. I think the service may be useful to us, ” Dmitry Budkin , Head of Email Marketing at Rambler , shared his impressions .

    Recording and presentation of Alexey Avdeev’s speech are available on

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