Traditional media ad spending will go down

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    analytical agency IAB Russia published the results of the study “Prospects for interactive advertising in Russia: the view of advertisers”. The results of the study show that large advertisers expect lower advertising budgets in traditional media (including TV, outdoor advertising, the press), Vedomosti writes . This opinion is shared by about half of the advertisers surveyed. So, 37% of companies expect lower advertising budgets for all media, including digital. 27% believe that advertising budgets will not change, plus another 25% expect budget growth for all media resources.

    The study presents the results of a survey of 169 managers of large advertisers, with budgets exceeding 1 million rubles. per month. It is worth noting that last year, the expectations of companies were more optimistic. At that time, about 17% of the companies surveyed expected a reduction in advertising budgets, while 48% and 31% of respondents expected budget growth or maintaining current volumes.

    Advertisers are now redistributing their remaining budgets to interactive advertising. This implies contextual, banner advertising, targeted advertising on social networks, plus video advertising and advertising on mobile devices. About 45% of respondents believe that the cost of this kind of advertising this year will increase. 25% of respondents expect cost reductions for this type of advertising.

    The data of the Association of Communication Agencies of Russia (AKAR) show a 17% reduction in the Russian advertising market in the 1st quarter of 2015 compared to the same period of 2014. The reduction affected all media segments except the Internet, where advertising costs increased by 9% (to 18.1 billion rubles).

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    Does your company reduce advertising costs?

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