Universal communication environment

Hello Megamind!

We have been thinking a lot lately. Over our products - present and future. What can a modern communication do for a company to make it better, easier and more convenient?

In essence, communication channels no longer become.
All the same audio communication, video, chats - only in different formats. Skype, vibers, votsaps - yes, they grow in breadth, but not in depth.
Is it true that here you can come up with a new one?

And then such a thought came to us. We decided to focus on communication methods.
What if you can communicate with almost any device that surrounds us? From smartphones, from work phones, from computers, and even from TVs - and all in one environment? One program that will combine a large number of types of terminal equipment and at the same time support full-scale conferences and international negotiations?

This idea formed the basis of our Meetinger service. Service for the business environment - for employees and company executives. So that they always remain inside the corporate network, including extensions and a phone book.

You can use Meetinger from various types of devices: from video telephones at employees' workstations, from video terminals in meeting rooms, from mobile devices on Android and iOS, from a PC on Windows with the Softfon application installed. Moreover, from a computer on which Softfon for PC is not installed, you can use the WEB interface directly from the browser.

From all the devices that surround us in the office. With microwaves and refrigerators not yet. We think about it :)

In addition to the usual forms of communication: video calls, text messaging, local and MG / MN telephone services - Meetinger allows you to conduct video conferencing sessions with any number of participants. The number of concurrent sessions is unlimited.

There are other plans. In the near future we will make unique IDs with a password, now they are allocated for each device - and will be replaced by a single login with a password for each user. It will be universal for authorization in Meetinger environment from any device.

We want this to be a single communication environment for staff. This will be provided by our servers (throughput of 1 billion minutes per month) and round-the-clock technical support.

In the following posts, we’ll talk more about the browser-based WEB-phone and other components of Meetingera.

That's all. Please tell us everything you think :)

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