Skolkovo project revenue grows faster than plan

    D. Abramov / Vedomosti

    In 2014, Skolkovo projects received revenue of 27.8 billion rubles, despite the fact that the planned level of revenue is 2 billion rubles. This information is contained in the Skolkovo annual report provided to Dmitry Medvedev at the board of trustees of the fund.

    Small innovative companies received such a level of income, Vedomosti writes . At the same time, in Skolkovo itself no one expected such a rapid growth in startup revenue.

    According to the plan, the project revenue from 2010 should have been about 5 billion rubles, but the fund participants received much more - in the amount of about 43.6 billion rubles.

    Now the number of fund projects has grown to 1070. 45% of all projects received revenue, while 3% of the income exceeded 100 million rubles. In addition to the proceeds of these projects, in 2014 Skolkovo managed to overfulfill the plan for patent applications, having received about 645 applications with a plan of 200. In addition, the plan to raise funds for Skolkovo was practically fulfilled, having received 4.45 billion rubles. with a plan of 4.5 billion rubles.

    Last year, the fund approved grants of approximately 1.5 billion rubles, while most of these projects are in the field of energy-efficient technologies. The smallest turned out to be projects related to the field of IT-technologies.

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