Running the direction of contextual advertising in the web studio

    Hello, Habr Megamind! We at Ruward are very fond of doing free educational special projects for web studios and agencies, and they were well received at Habré: about marketing and sales together with UMI, about marketing, sales and customer service with Megaplan, about starting a web studio from scratch from Netcat . When Habr was divided, it was not very clear where to share new knowledge for agency leaders and web studios. Let's try Megamind.

    So, meet - “Launching the contextual direction in the web studio” from Aori and Ruward . As usual, completely free.

    Over the past couple of years, we have been talking about the fact that the “design” model of the web studio’s work provides high risks and low margins. Today you make websites for 30,000 rubles and two weeks, dreaming of projects for 150,000 rubles a month. Making websites for 150,000 rubles, you dream of a half-million milestone. Having crossed this line - about a million-dollar budget for six months ... And each time you lay more and more risks for your company. And clients leave after each project, and you constantly need to look for new ones.

    The “service” model is much more profitable from the point of view of CLV - the full value received from the client during the work with him. Such a model includes an iterative approach to development (or scrum, agile and other flexible techniques), continuous technical support and development of client sites, as well as other continuously rendered services. For example, contextual advertising.

    Contextual advertising is an interesting market, especially if you do not try to butt with the “grandees”, but quietly and calmly monetize your own customers and occupy a market niche. Online advertising is the only segment of the advertising market that showed double-digit growth in 2014. For example, display advertising dipped by 5%, and the contextual advertising market grew by 27%.

    Aori, Ruward and market experts from various companies - from Google Russia to small studios that have recently implemented their context and achieved success - give step-by-step recommendations on how web studios can launch the contextual advertising business from scratch and make money on it. The special project includes 6 materials for company executives, with comments, examples of KP, reports and financial models:
    • Immersion in the context. The state of the contextual advertising market and segments of the client audience, the advantages and risks of introducing a new service in web studios and SEO companies.
    • Control. Guidelines for adjusting business processes, employee development, changing the structure of the company, monitoring a new direction.
    • Marketing. Positioning corrections, recommended marketing and advertising activities, emphasis on a new service.
    • Sales. Effective sales on an existing customer base, preparation of a media plan and CP, customer development. Generate a flow of incoming clients to the context.
    • Customer service. Differences between pure production and companies with customer service, measuring customer satisfaction, expanding account activities.
    • Production. How to organize the very service of contextual advertising.

    The first material has already been published on , and the second will be released on Wednesday, June 3. Join to be among the first readers! Materials with a delay of a couple of weeks will appear here on Megamind.

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