Darth Vader Disgusting Management Guide

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    In the character of Darth Vader, we see the archetype of evil, a kind of quintessence of a villain and formidable adversary whom we like to hate, and an incredibly unambiguous negative hero. Moreover, his mastery of a lightsaber only enhances antipathy. Drawing an analogy with the story of George Lucas, you can see a kind of anti-guide on management. Let us recall this story and try to study the methods of the Sith in order to avoid business success.

    Any appearance of Darth Vader in the frame is preceded by the sound of the portable life support system that Anakin Skywalker was forced to wear to compensate for serious injuries sustained in a duel with Obi-Wan. Mechanical legs in heavy armored boots provided a heavy tread, also announcing his arrival. What can we say about the legendary background "imperial march". Everything is very impressive and presses the psyche of subordinates.
    In fact, it is sometimes useful to be an inconspicuous leader and also to go unnoticed to observe the work of employees when they absolutely do not notice your presence.

    Imperials never remain on the screen without the painful presence of their boss. Vader is almost always near, breathing heavily in the back.
    It is extremely difficult for staff to work when a chef, especially one such as this, is nearby. Close attention never added self-control to anyone. It is much better to show a little confidence and allow employees to take a bit of responsibility and take initiative, the result will not be long in coming.
    Darth Vader strangles almost everyone of his own who made a mistake, whom, with the help of the Force, and whom, simply with his hand.
    In management, it is very important to be able to listen to your employees and consider points of view different from yours. Although this does not mean at all that you need to agree with everything, it is simply always useful to look at a problem or task with the eyes of others, as a result of which your view can also undergo changes. All the same, the result of the task is more important than strict observance of the requirements of the leadership (although there are exceptions).
    In some films of the series, Vader breaks his own, sort of like promises made. Most likely, the Sith's concepts of morality are somewhat different from ordinary ones, so their words are violated as easily as they are given, which cannot but arouse mistrust.
    Never make that mistake. The promise given to employees must be fulfilled. A promise is a promise, employees should be able to trust their boss.

    Lord Vader is very annoying and kills too many annoying subordinates.
    Such a practice is great for the short-term satisfaction of his fits of rage, but it is extremely detrimental to a long-term reputation. Extreme cruelty with your employees will not add you points. Labor shortages in such a situation will literally punch a hole in the ranks of employees. The difficulty of staffing, in turn, will not allow the company to fully meet the current requirements of the market.

    Darth Vader, not bothering much, changes the terms of the agreements after their conclusion.
    In our reality, this can lead to legal problems, as well as the loss of important business partners.

    He is pompous and rude.
    Nobody makes friends this way and because of this loses the ability to influence people who are able to expand the network. Not a single leader should behave like that, no need to burn bridges behind him, cutting himself off from employees.

    He does not reliably protect his intellectual property. None of the clones, of course, point a finger at Vader when he allowed the rebels to steal the plans of the Death Star due to his carelessness.
    Thieves cannot be blamed for excessive commercialism if stolen valuables were stored after their sleeves.

    He frivolously spends precious resources. An incredibly expensive absolute imperial weapon - the Death Star, was disabled by a handful of poorly organized rebels in the shortest possible time.
    If you are planning to invest in expensive equipment, make sure that you can operate it correctly, keep it in good condition after purchase, arrange insurance for it, and train personnel to work with this equipment.

    Lord Vader has neither family nor friends in our usual sense.
    Maintaining a healthy and healthy balance between work and personal life is an indispensable and important component in building any sustainable business, even the Empire.

    Despite all this, one should not forget that Darth Vader was once Anakin Skywalker, a promising young Jedi Knight. Unlike many other bad guys of Lucas, a piece of good was preserved in Vader’s soul, therefore, while watching films, you can see some actions that he didn’t fit with the villainous status:

    At the beginning of the fifth episode, we find out that Vader is obsessed with finding his son, Luke Skywalker. This event was attended by no less, the entire Imperial Navy. When he captures Luke, it becomes clear that the Sith planned to tempt his son. After that, he would become his apprentice and ultimately replace his father. Every good entrepreneur should plan everything, including preparing a successor for his post.

    Darth Vader never shies away from doing even the most "dirty" work. Also, any effective manager should take on his shoulders the performance of any profile work, regardless of whether it is good or not. Keeping your hands “clean” will fail. Dismiss in difficult times and hire when everything goes according to plan.

    The magnificent voice acting of James Earl Jones, the impeccable and unforgettable style of Vader cannot be forgotten. Everything is as in life, first impressions are calculated on a wrapper, and in addition to this, the manager simply sets the standard for his employees. Behavior and appearance of employees correlate with the boss, rarely from the first moment, most often it takes time. It is important that the manager always needs to keep the bar. Employees can relax, the manager has no right to do so.

    This Sith is hardworking and ambitious. He never gives up, and thanks to this, his numerous managerial shortcomings did not prevent him from occupying an extremely high position in the structure of imperial government.

    Everyone likes this gloomy and depressing guy on the screen, even ask someone who hasn’t watched movies, everyone knows who Darth Vader is, but I think very few people would want such a chef. Now ask yourself, is there a particle of Vader in you?

    Remember: the power of a Jedi Knight is the power of the universe; but remember: anger, fear - all this leads to the dark side of power. As soon as you take the first step along the dark path, you will no longer be able to turn off it.

    May the Force be with you!

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