Safety when choosing a university: Is it worth it to consider?

    Hello friends.

    Recently, I came across an article about the fact that in Texas they plan to allow students to carry firearms, including on the campus of the university, in classrooms in the classroom, etc.

    Therefore, my article today will be devoted to the issue of security during studies at a university in the USA and other countries of the world.

    Before choosing a university for study, everyone should ask the question “How safe will my study be in another country, completely unfamiliar to me?”, And this article reveals the main ones.

    Studying campus security can make the complex process of finding a university or college even more difficult. Colleges are required by federal law to establish standard campus safety protocols.

    Parents and applicants can look at the university’s annual safety report, which should be available on the school’s website, to find crime statistics, disciplinary actions, and campus security policies.

    1. What should a university do so that it is safe to study at it?

    For parents and students, campus security should be a priority. And universities, in turn, must make campus security a # 1 issue. If you put the issue of security first and bring it to the attention of everyone, then this will attract a greater number of future students to this university.

    2. How quickly does the university respond to emergencies that occur on campus?

    The university can and should use various methods, various methods of warning students in times of danger. It can be emails, warning displays or a siren sound. Ideally, universities should be able to use modern technologies such as telephones and the Internet. Find out or have such warning methods at the university.

    3. Are police officers on duty on campus or does the university rely entirely on its own security system, even if it is outside the city?

    Prospective students need to know whether campus security is monitored by private companies or the state police, and how the security team coordinates actions during emergency situations. Security personnel, no matter whether it is the police or a private structure, should be trained to respond quickly to various situations, be able to provide first aid and know the fire safety techniques. Students should also be aware of punitive measures

    4. Who is investigating sexually assaulted crimes at the university / university campus?

    No matter how it sounds, but this is harsh truth, and it happens that students become victims of sexual crimes. The main goal of the university is to prevent such incidents in every way. The student should know about whom to contact and what to write if he became a victim of harassment or has suspicions. Also, the student's family must be sure that the university will ensure the confidentiality and safety of the student during the investigation, if it so happened that the incident took place. Families of students, like the student himself, should first of all pay attention to the statute and rules of the university on this sensitive, but very important topic, when searching for a university.

    5. How are disciplinary commissions trained to conduct investigations and prevent them?

    Teaching a disciplinary commission online can be an easy and quick way to teach psychological and legal ways to prevent sexual abuse, but live training is always preferable. Investigations of sexual crimes are considered one of the most difficult to investigate (along with murders). Parents and students should expect a disciplinary commission from the university to investigate sexual offenses.

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