Uber service is prohibited throughout Italy

    Photo: Dado Ruvic / Reuters

    Yesterday, a Milan court ruled that the Uber service is banned throughout Italy. Uber itself acted as a defendant, the plaintiffs - several local taxi companies that complained of unfair competition from Uber. The court ruling states that UberPOP, the Italian service division, “interferes with the work of certified companies that provide transportation services and have the appropriate licenses, ” Kommersant writes .

    The company must now complete the work in the country within 15 days. If this does not happen, Uber will pay a fine of € 20 thousand every day.

    Italian taxi companies sued Uber back in April. In their lawsuit, they complained about dumping in the transportation market because of the participation of uncertified taxi drivers in the business. According to the plaintiffs, the work of Ubera is possible only because of unfair competition from the service.

    However, not everyone agrees with the court order. For example, the Italian consumer association Codacons believes that the Uber ban is the wrong decision that limits the choice of citizens.

    Note that the work of Uber is not prohibited for the first time. For example, the service has already been banned in Spain and the Netherlands. In countries such as Germany and France, the company is now trying to appeal the ban in court. Some cities in European countries, including Geneva and Brussels, also prohibit the work of the company.

    For other countries, Uber has been banned in China, some states of Australia and India, as well as in some US cities.

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