90s Search Service Selling Patents

    Service Lycos appeared long before Google. It was an Internet portal with search-service capabilities, and Lycos carried out a fairly high-quality search. Note that Lycos is one of the first companies to launch web indexing using the “spider” principle of collecting web pages.

    Despite the fact that Lycos has long lost its leading position, the company still has a rather large package of patents related to web technologies, which are now used everywhere. The other day, the company announced its intention to sell part of its patents, reports Engadget. The company's portfolio covers a wide range of web technologies, from web search to online advertising.

    Now, many of the technologies patented by Lycos are used in the mobile industry and IoT (Internet of Things). Lycos as a company was bought by a larger organization. Now Lycos is positioning itself as a "source of digital media."

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