What is there at Wickr?

    All of you, for sure, remember the Wickr application , an anonymous chat without leaving traces that arose after the NSA information leak history. TechCrunch reports that in the near future, the application will face big changes, as it recently became known that cofounder and ardent advocate of confidentiality of information Nico Cell leaves his post as CEO in order to take the post of head of the Wickr Foundation. Since the topic of communications is close to us, we could not pass by and decided to tell you what Wickr had there.


    Wickr is an online messenger that appeared in 2013 after the story of Snowden. According to the developers, Wickr differs from hundreds of similar chats in that it is 100% anonymous, reliable, leaves no traces not only on devices, but also on servers. It was reported that the application uses encryption standards AES 256, ECDH 521, RSA 4096 TLD. Wickr touted as a safe alternative to "these your facebooks." Many people liked the idea and in 2014 Wickr spent the first round of financing, raising 9 million.

    At the very beginning of its creation, Wickr was touted as a replacement for Facebook and Skype. Niko speaks out against Snapchat, saying that the chat cheats users, as it stores all the information on its servers, only erasing it from gadgets. By 2015, Wickr had already raised 39 million.

    Today, Wickr is going through a separation process into 2 parts: a commercial organization that will continue to develop Wickr as a business, and a non-profit organization that will promote secure communications. Nico Cell herself will become the head of the Wickr Foundation, and Mark Fields, one of the leaders of the Strategic Investment Group, will take up the business.

    The name Nico Cell, widely known in the West, may not be familiar to all Russian readers. This is an extremely curious person, who, in particular, always appears in public in sunglasses. Not much is known about Sell - she is about 40 years old, she grew up somewhere in the Rocky Mountains region, has a bachelor's degree in management (with a focus on nuclear strategy) from Dortmouth. Nico Cell is known as a fierce advocate of privacy rights, and in addition to the Wickr application, she is the cofounder of the DEF CON Haer Conference, gives lessons in programming children's camps, and acts as an expert in cryptotechnologies.


    Today, the application has grown into a powerful organization, which will soon be divided into two parts. It’s not clear how Wickr will make money, given that the application is free and cannot interest advertisers with any information about its users, but it’s already known that the option is to sell some standard for organizations that want to create a corporate chat or even an application themselves, Based on security and privacy. Simply put, become a B2B platform.

    In the future, according to Nico Cell, she hopes to see an industry where all applications will work in a similar way - providing the user 100% security. As a specialist in the field of crypto, Nico Cell considers this area to be the most advanced, where, like in rocket science, the best minds are concentrated.


    Wickr currently has 6 million downloads, over 1 billion messages sent and received. Nico Cell herself, according to her, is going to spend a lot of time in Washington in order to convey her idea to lawmakers.

    Ps We at Rocket Callback also stand for privacy and therefore, unlike other similar services, we do not have access to recordings of conversations of our customers.

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