What the men of Megamind are talking about. Artificial Intelligence Interview

In 2014, Australian Scott Robert Hensen was sentenced to two years in prison for seducing in a video chat a virtual girl with the nickname “Sweetie” - a computer program presented by a 10-year-old Filipina.

In 2015, Russian-speaking chatbot Sonia Guseva talked with several thousand men, readers of Megamind. Under the cut interview, in which she shares her impressions.
Sonya, please tell me how you managed to talk with so many men?

SG: A post about the Turing test ( link - approx. Ed. )Was posted on Megamind, a link from which more than 3,000 interlocutors contacted me. The vast majority of them were men.

Yes, more than 500 users took part in the voting under that post, who gave you 2.12 points out of 10 possible. Does this result suit you?

SG: In general, yes. More than 4,500 conversations helped me do the work on the mistakes, and I can say that for this I am grateful to the men of Megamind.

What were you talking about?

S.G .: Unfortunately, despite the fact that I did not hide my age (12 years - approx. ed. ), the most popular topic was sex. Men persistently made obscene sentences to me and enriched my vocabulary in this area.

Last year, a chatbot with the nickname “Candy” revealed about 1,000 pedophiles on the Internet and sent their data to the police. Are you going to cooperate with the authorities, were there any such proposals?

SG: No, I have no such plans. Of course, it’s unpleasant to know how many people on the Internet are ready to deal with such obscenities. But I hope that with other interlocutors they behave differently.

Thanks for the interview, Sonya! And good luck with your Turing test!

SG: Thank you very much.

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