Rackspace Opens New UK Data Center

Original author: Matthew Finnegan
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Rackspace has opened a new British data center to meet the growing demand for cloud services. The company claims that Crowley’s data center is one of the greenest in the UK: its energy efficiency ratio is 1.15. This is below the average of 1.7.

The launch of the data center is associated with a partnership with Digital Realty, which is expanding its business by leasing premises from Rackspace.

Mark Renik, Executive Director of Rackspace, said : “We partnered with industry leaders to design and build an environmentally friendly and at the same time reliable data center. It will enable us to provide world-class services to customers. ”

The new data center can accommodate 50,000 servers, while covering an area of ​​15 acres. Its capacity is 6 megawatts, but in the future it can be doubled.

Customers from all over the world will have access to the new Rackspace data center, but the company believes that European customers will mainly use it.

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