Roman Abramovich invested $ 15 million in the music application Music Messenger

    imageRoman Abramovich, Benny Anderson (Abba), David Guetta, and other investors have invested $ 30 million in the music application Music Messenger. An Israeli startup after a round of funding was estimated at $ 100 million.

    The Music Messenger app for Android and iOS gives users the ability to share music files for free: send songs or playlists using a smartphone. The company was founded in April 2014, the service operates for seven months, writes RBC .

    At the moment, the application works in ten languages, the company is preparing to enter the markets of China, India, Brazil and Russia. Each month, 1 million new users join the service. Reutersnotes that the music industry is already actively using the service to promote new songs.

    The total amount of investments that the developers raised to develop the Music Messenger service amounted to $ 35 million. Investors valued the company at more than $ 100 million.

    The founder of Music Messenger, Oded Kobo, sold the social network Pheed to Mobli in September 2014, which monetized content and attracted 5 million users at that time.

    In March 2015, Millhouse Capital, controlled by Roman Abramovich, invested in another Israeli startup , iAngels. This is a crowdfunding platform that allows private investors to invest money on a par with large business angels.

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