Now I am the owner of the online store (Part 2)


    Virtual PBX RingCloud continues to talk about solving headaches for owners of online stores. In the first part, we talked about how to choose a virtual number and how to add employees to the system.

    Today we want to talk about voice greetings, the distribution of calls in groups, and also to analyze the simplest scheme for processing an incoming call.

    Now I am the owner of the online store (Part 1)

    So, we added employees to the system, now we want to unite employees into groups. Each group corresponds to the department in which the employee works, thus a call to the sales department will only come to the sales department, and not elsewhere. And our employees will not transfer the incoming call to another department. In the group, we set up the logic by which the call will reach the employee we need.

    Calls to the sales department should be processed as quickly as possible so that the client does not wait until he is consulted. To do this, choose a strategy - Everyone calls. This means that when a call comes in to the sales department, a call will go to each of the employees and the employees will decide who will work with him.


    After we have selected a number and added employees to the system, we can begin to create the logic for processing incoming calls.

    After receiving an incoming call, we need to "say hello" to the customer and tell him that he was in our store. To do this, we record a voice greeting: "Hello, you called the company ...". Voice greeting can also act as an advertising tool. A well-written greeting will highlight the company in the market and make it memorable, against the background of competitors.


    What we ultimately get:
    voice greeting is a powerful tool that can be used not only to inform the client, but also for branding. Not many online stores can afford a voice greeting, with the first contact, we at least create the image of a company that is not the first day on the market, but at the maximum - we stand out from the competition.

    So, we have a number, we have a greeting, what's next?

    Since our store is open from 9:00 to 18:00. We need to consider scenarios when a call from our potential client arrives during business hours and after hours.

    If the call came during business hours, we need to distribute the callers in the right departments. A client who is interested in the delivery of goods should not fall into the sales department, and a client who wants to buy a phone should not fall into the accounting department. To do this, we add a voice menu where the user can choose which department he needs to contact, if the client finds it difficult to choose, we send him to the sales department. We write down a voice greeting: “In order to contact the sales department, press 1 if you have a question about the delivery time of the goods - 2, for communication with accounting - 3”. Thus, we sort and filter out extra calls that will distract our employees from performing tasks.


    In the next part, we will talk about what to do with calls that arrive after hours, how to evaluate the effectiveness of employees by phone, and how not to lose potential customers.

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