Employee and employer: work, friendship, love

This article is for employers and employees. For those who at least once got a job.

- What is important to you at work?
- To pay well.

This has long been only a stereotype, crashed on the present.

Of course, the employee wants to have a decent salary and development. But today, companies offer something more - from social benefits to entire relaxation areas. Accordingly, requests are also rising.

Why does the employer need this? If in front of him is not a semi-specialist sitting out of his pants, but a really valuable worker - to keep him. Make him work in this particular company.

How to achieve this?


Company as a place of professional development

Designate career growth and incentive system

Often, getting a job, the employee does not understand what the future awaits him in this company. No need to be a psychic - it is important to understand the development prospects and ways to achieve the goal.

When I got a job, I wanted to be hired and assigned a good salary. And I thought much less about what would happen to me in a year or two. How can I get a raise, what salary I will get.

It is good when the company has a clear motivation system, even if only to the main department. Not “in a year, two, five, you may grow up to a leading manager”, but a clear scheme with accurate numbers and results.

For example, we spelled it out in the employment contract and at the booth at the entrance - so as not to forget.

Talk about bonuses.

An unexpected award is, of course, a pleasure. The element of surprise is great, yes. But what if we make the bonus system more transparent?

It doesn’t matter if it’s cash rewards, equipment or cars. Let employees know what achievements they will receive a new Apple or a car of a certain class. So the employee diligently strives for a clearly defined goal.

Friendship The

employer as a reliable support

Offer a social package and support

There is a lot of controversy on this topic. Someone thinks that it is not worth spending company money on social benefits for employees (there is a salary), someone advocates a wide range of social services - because it forms a positive image of the company.

I personally am for the second option. Try to become a social support for employees, and you will get a good return. It may be VHI. They will be better treated - they will be less sick. :)

In our company, we offered employees paid summer vacations. Trips to Turkey or Bulgaria - air tickets and accommodation. It was very useful for them during the crisis.

Love The

employer and rapprochement with the team

Organize corporate events and company culture

This item is loved by many. Corporate parties and holidays are not just a reason to have fun, this is communication with the team. Such things create a warm atmosphere in the company. If people like to work together - the job becomes more enjoyable. If not, then it’s not about corporate parties.

Also try to introduce some interesting culture specifically for your company. For example, regular outings, movie shows - yes, anything.

In Intel, we actively support sports. We offer free hockey training, a visit to a fitness club, in winter - skiing and snowboarding, and in summer - football. And in the kitchen you can always make yourself freshly squeezed juice.

There is a lot of room for imagination. Fall in love with the employee of the company in all respects!

What are you doing as an employee? How is the employer? What is important to you at work?

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