Cisco is going to acquire Embrane

Original author: Jeffrey Burt
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Cisco plans to acquire Embrane, the developer of a lifecycle management platform for network services. The company attributes its move to the fact that cloud building has become our urgent need.

The acquisition will enable the company to accelerate the advancement of virtualization and automation to meet customer needs, and will also help implement a strategy that provides customers with freedom of choice.

Cisco Vice President Hilton Romansky said: “The acquisition of Embrane will further confirm our support for open standards using multi-vendor environments. It’s also important that Cisco remains faithful to the vast ecosystem of our customers and partners and continues to automate network services and implement automation and harmonization systems and cloud management systems. ”

Embrane employees will work for Cisco Insieme, which is developing ACI, a platform for building network services. The agreement is expected to be signed in May. Terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

Previously, Cisco published a report saying that the company invested $ 6 million in Embrane.

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