5 common marketing problems, the root of which can be hidden in the layout

Original author: Joshua Kraus
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The root of many basic marketing problems lies in poor web development. Understanding which hazards can be addressed with advanced development techniques can mean the difference between a successful and a failed advertising campaign.

If you told someone twenty years ago that he would promote online marketing, he would have thought you crazy. Today, having told someone that you are not promoting online marketing, you may come across a similar reaction.

Well, unless, of course, they mistakenly consider your inexperience a charming retrograde. Shhh, don't correct them. Just pull up your baby pants and move on.

As of 2015, more than 91 percent of B2B marketing companies used content marketing, 48 percent created a landing page for each marketing campaign, and 40 percent of US companies use blogs for advertising purposes.

Digital marketing has become our everything, and everyone is eager to touch its greatness.

But going online is the easiest part. But keeping a strong and effective online presence is another story, one in which the web developer takes on the role of the protagonist. Web development is the mechanism on which digital marketing moves, and if the mechanism is broken, then nothing works. Not every marketing problem can be solved with the help of high-quality web development, but many of them can be. If you encounter any of the problems listed below, clever machinations with web development can be useful to you.

Problem: Poor Search Engine Ranking

If you systematically post unique, keyword-rich content but don’t see the desired results, the problem may lie in the architecture of the website.

A good web developer can use search engine optimization (SEO), making sure that the company's presence on the network is built on the same principles of design and technology.

This can ensure that all content is well formatted and well presented for indexing by the search engine.

A website that loads quickly and displays accurately on all types of devices has an advantage in terms of number of users and traffic. More traffic affects the ranking of search results. In addition, more traffic is fine anyway. Traffic is trending if you want.

Problem: Rare Content

Integrated, unique content, such as articles, blog entries and infographics, increase traffic and customer conversion, but without an integrated content management system (CMS) that makes it easy to post such content, many companies have difficulty updating. This is the case when a web developer has the opportunity to prove himself, either by implementing the existing CMS (WordPress, Joomla) in the site’s layout, or by creating a special CMS for a particular company.

CMS simplifies the process of publishing and updating content, as it does not require any programming knowledge. You no longer need to spend man-hours updating content, tracking the only developer in the company to force him to change the code - using CMS, anyone can publish the desired content in two clicks

Problem: No user information

The average marketing specialist in your company may not see the difference between asking a user to log in using a username or email address. Ask the user to enter their email address on the registration page - this is the easiest way to make a list of email addresses, and one of the least complicated methods of obtaining information about users.

However, the role of a web developer is not limited only to knowledge of these methods. He or she should also know how to integrate such elements into registration forms, social media plugins and special windows so that they do not spoil the user experience.

Problem: Insufficient web analytics

Experienced market participants understand how to translate analytical data over the network into existing marketing solutions, but what if they do not have enough, in fact, such data?

Good web developers know how to build a strategy for obtaining analytical data over the network in accordance with commercial goals, providing comprehensive, accurate and targeted data for the work of market participants.

Using the Google Analytics code on your page is babble. The developer can ensure that the company receives the following data:

• Conversion rate
• Efficiency of advertising banners
• Efficiency of email campaigns
• Referrals and activity on social networks
• Video interaction and engagement
• Mobile websites and applications

Problem: Outdated Marketing Techniques

Developers are always up to date and may be the first to get acquainted with a new social tool, a widget for content processing or a strategy for attracting users, as well as the latest changes in the best SEO techniques and web analytics trends.

For example, a developer who is competent in issues of trends can tell the team the following things:

• Building a marketing campaign on impressions and clicks is no longer relevant. Now everything is based on conversion.
• The main parameters of social networks (the number of users, likes, reposts) do not represent an adequate basis for decision-making and should be confirmed by conversion and relative parameters for a more accurate assessment.
• Anonymous content with scattered keywords is less effective than useful, solid, and well-written content.
• Your website may be fined for violating the rules of major search engines. Doubtful techniques such as black SEO optimization, IP fraud and redirects should be avoided.


To maximize the effectiveness of your digital marketing efforts, integrate web development into your strategy from the start. The reason for many problems of digital marketing is the rare content, insufficient analytical data and unsatisfactory search engine ranking results, which can distract from the development of solutions, and improving the quality of web development means the difference between success and failure of a marketing campaign.

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