Amazon simplifies ordering of household goods

    dashIn an attempt to attract more buyers, retail giant Amazon introduced a device that can place orders for various household goods, such as laundry detergent and razor cartridges.

    The device (dash-button) is attached to the appliance (for example, a washing machine), or in any other place, and when pressed, processes the delivery request.

    The service is available only to users of the service with a premium subscription.

    For some time now, the technology giant has focused its efforts on speeding up the processing and delivery of orders. Premium subscription now guarantees delivery of basic household goods within an hour. The service is currently available only in four cities in the United States. As part of this program, the company plans to test the drone delivery technology.

    The company offers manufacturers a connection to the Dash Replenishment Service (DRS), which allows connected devices to order products through Amazon when the resource is running out (for example, coffee beans).

    With DRS, device manufacturers will be able to take advantage of Amazon authentication protocols, payment systems, and customer service. As a result, manufacturers will provide their customers with access to low prices online store, a huge selection and reliable delivery.

    The whole list of goods

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