"Fur-oak in the elevator" goes to the people, or as for 1,000 rubles. shoot a video and collect 50,000 views in 3 days

    It’s impossible to guess if the video will become viral. This solves the case and luck. So our main task was to “infect” the good half of the company with a good mood, and only then to “spread” on the Internet. It turned out both. We want to share this experience with you.

    Positive + surprise + natural emotions. This is exactly the formula for a good congratulatory video, in our opinion. A few brainstorming sessions, and now, on the eve of March 8, one of the passenger elevators in our office building turns into a chamber concert hall. An unsuspecting woman enters the elevator in the morning, and there ... However, see for yourself!

    From idea to embodiment

    It took a little to bring the idea to life: to call professional singers (the Live Voices art group), place several cameras in the elevator and, most importantly, not to warn any of the fair sex about the shootings. They became the heroines of our video. Well, 4 professional singers ... just heroes!

    They had to take the elevator from the 1st to the 9th floor more than 50 times, on average for each trip sing 2 verses and 1 chorus and 4 times in complete silence in the company of men traveling to work.

    In addition to the singers, a team of five people was needed to participate in the filming. Some got interesting roles: for example, one and a half hours without stopping to ride in other elevators between the upper floors, so that ladies hurrying to work fell into the “singing” elevator.

    Shooting Statistics

    You can talk for a long time about our own emotions from the shootings or about what was not included in the final version of the video, but still the main question: how many hours, money and megabytes were spent?


    • 1032 rubles for the purchase of 40 tulips
    • The participation of professional singers, camera rental - for free


    • Three cameras in the elevator: two GoPro 3 (Silver and Black) and one Sony ActionCam AS20
    • Sound recording: directly by cameras, without using additional microphones


    March 4, from 8.30 a.m. to 10 a.m. to catch the maximum number of women hurrying to work


    1 day, 5 iterations to reduce one and a half hours of shooting to 2 minutes of video


    First of all, we sowed in all the official accounts of the company (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter). "Vkontakte" video appeared thanks to our users - they brought it there from Youtube. Mailing to friends on social networks and several professional communities played a role. I want to note that this "spam" caused an extremely positive reaction!

    And again some statistics.

    In numbers:
    • The first thousand views - in 3 hours
    • 51,000 views - by the evening of March 8
    • 522 likes and 195 reposts

    In the charts:

    In addition to the statistics, we were also pleased with the positive comments:

    And, finally, a beautiful point in our experiment was the victory in the competition for the best office congratulations on March 8th - http://www.e1.ru/news/spool/news_id -420349.html !

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