UK Safari users can sue Google

Original author: Loek Essers
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The UK Court of Appeals has ruled that British Safari browser users can sue Google. This decision offers millions of Britons who used Apple devices in 2011-2012 an opportunity to fight for their privacy.

A lawsuit against Google was filed in June 2013 by British Internet users who claimed that the search giant was able to circumvent the privacy settings of the Safari browser and tracked which sites the user visited. This happened without the consent of users.

Google rebuked for surveillance back in 2012. Then the US Federal Trade Commission fined Google $ 22.5 million for violating the privacy of users. A year later, the company will pay another 17 million by decision of the Attorney General of New York.

Google claimed that it could not be sued in the UK and suggested that users file a lawsuit in California. But last year, the UK Supreme Court ruled that British users could file a lawsuit against Google, since this issue is the responsibility of the British courts.

Plaintiffs may receive relatively little compensation under British Information Protection Act.

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