One geek spent $ 3.99 and saved BBC sites

    On January 24, 2011, the BBC announced the removal of 172 of its sites in order to reduce staff costs. They promised to keep the archives offline only. Since the sites have some historical value, and the BBC already has experience in deleting valuable archive data, a logical decision has ripened: download these sites in full and put them in the public domain to save information.

    A volunteer did just that . He spent $ 3.99 on a VPS server and in less than 24 hours downloaded all the content and uploaded the torrent .

    Of course, for the BBC, the cost of storing and maintaining this content is much higher than the amount of $ 3.99 per month, but even in this case it’s unlikely that we are talking about any huge budgets, so they are clearly overdone with the “cost savings”.

    Everyone who wants to download a torrent is recommended to do it quickly, because competent BBC lawyers can quickly close the site.

    Since there is a clear violation of the law, a kind person at the distribution is forced to hide his name. However, there are certain speculations that this may be some kind of Japanese.

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