Wikileaks lost the main source of financial income

    Yes, PayPal has again blocked Wikileaks account in its electronic payment system. Previously, this happened twice already, the last at the beginning of this year, if I am not mistaken, then in January. The past two cases ended well for Wikileaks, the accounts were unlocked. Now, it seems that this organization has ordered the path to PayPal. There is simply no more convenient way to collect donations for sites like Wikileaks - a resident of any country who sympathizes with the project could previously transfer a certain amount of money to an account in PayPal. Now, accepting donations (and sending, by the way) will be much more difficult.

    It is worth noting that difficult times generally began for Wikileaks - despite the fact that the project has a lot of sympathizers, everything is not in favor of true-minded people. First, the project was declared the number one terrorist organization in the United States, at least then against Essange, the project manager, and the rape case was launched, this is already in Sweden. After a DDoS attack was made on the resource, Amazon refused hosting service, EveryDNS company canceled the delegation of the domain, and now, as you can see, Wikileaks may simply run out of money that is needed to pay for hosting (and maybe informants) .

    The Wikileaks account in PayPal was blocked today, in the morning those who wanted to send money to Wikileaks in PayPal saw the message "The recipient is temporarily unable to accept money." In its official blog, PayPal announced that the organization’s account was blocked for the simple reason that Wikileaks violated the internal rules of the service. According to these rules, PayPal does not work with organizations and individuals committing unlawful acts. Since Wikileaks has already been outlawed in the USA, PayPal, as a law-abiding company, cannot go against the law.

    A message appeared on the official Wikileaks Twitter account confirming the blocking of the account in PayPal. It reported that "PayPal blocked Wikileaks under pressure from US authorities." After blocking your PayPal account, Wikileaks offers to transfer money by debiting credit cards to a partner of an organization working in Switzerland, bank transfers to Germany, Iceland and Switzerland, there are Wikileaks accounts in the banks of these countries.

    Earlier it was reported that about 750 thousand euros ($ 1 million) were raised in favor of the project, which is enough to ensure the normal operation of the project, including hosting and more. Hopefully, blocking your PayPal account will not hurt Wikileaks much.

    Via Yahoo

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