Who orders blog spam and why?

    You can’t even imagine how dirty the Russian blogosphere is. While working on an anti-spammer service, I manually combed a couple of hundreds of popular blogs and looked at a couple of thousand sites referenced by.

    There were posts in which eight out of ten comments were spamming , and these nerds even “talked” to each other with phrases like “didn’t understand anything” or “cool, respect to the author”.

    The remaining two comments belonged to the blogger, who answered in detail to the standard comment “I didn’t understand what you mean.”

    And there are a lot of such totally crap posts, there are thousands of them. The first 215 are summed up , then just too lazy to copy.

    Where do these numerous “Dima unbelievers”, “al777”, “Pskovites” and “Vavans” come from?

    While spinning one spammer’s grid, on the second ten domains I came across a  curious page :

    Spammer buys sixes for rubbish blogs

    Pay attention to the screenshot. Goblins scattering thousands of junk comments for links get paid two bucks for 13 links . Excellent income for a diligent nerd. By the way, here is the result of their efforts:

    Six reports on rubbish blogs

    There are very, very many such links, hundreds. Nerds are very fond of spamming the blogs of Anton Popov, Victor Zakharchenko, Maul, Dimk and many others (download the list of links). Perfectomania, TooDoo, and dozens, if not hundreds, have been spammed.

    Moreover, it is worth the blog owner to leave one larva postponed by a spammer, as several more lovers of shame flock to the smell right there. Missing spammer comment serves as a signal to the rest: here you can turn around.

    A new industry is emerging, no worse than email spam or porn. Please note that the customer recommends their nerds to spoil blogs that are not spam. It also provides recommendations on how to do it right.

    By the way, there is even your own software. Automatic thieves of texts, typo generators, substitutes for synonyms

    Victims of spammers

    What does a typical spammer victim look like? Here  is a blog post by Viktor Zakharchenko . Of the 15 comments, all 15 are spam ! By the way, Victor has the Spam Karma plugin installed. Apparently, he does not help here. Akismet, which likes to kill normal comments and slow down the blog, does not help either.

    Such a garbage dump does not contribute to a meaningful discussion, maintaining the interest of readers, etc. Do you want the comments on your blog to turn into someone's outhouse? Look, there’s not a single comment from a normal reader there, there’s no space left. Yes, even if they were, they would drown in a stream of spammer commentary.

    Authors spend a lot of time on the development of their blogs, write articles on their promotion, but do not think about protecting their investments. Comment screams repel the audience.

    In the animal world

    By observing blog spammers, you can even roughly determine which blogs belong to the same spammer. Here, for example, are just some of the dozens of splogs that belong to the same citizen:

    • tixonov.ru “Tikhonov is online. Life , as I see it. "
    • malow.ru “Blog of Evgeny Malov. About me, about life
    • mikebelov.ru “Personal blog of Mike Belov. Just about life "
    • sokolow.ru "Diary of Mikhail Sokolov. About my hobbies, about friends, about life ... "

    Everything "about life", about her, darling. What a charm, just tenderness! Here are some more virtual peppers:

    • dymow.ru “Smokes in the network
    • polyakow.ru "Poles in the network "

    Here the principle is already a little different. I caught a whole bunch of these:

    • neweroff.ru "Online diary of Dmitry Neverov."
    • sawichev.ru "Blog about everything and about nothing"

    Common features are already evident in the choice of a domain name. Some tofamily, some letters are replaced. Most often, this spammer replaces v with w. The title of the syllable and its “description” are intended to imitate a “blog about everything and about nothing” belonging to a real person.

    The goal is for the owners of the spam blogs to take this spamming shit for real blogs, but not to clean them up. That's just the trouble, they steal something from the same RSS feeds! Although, with a very, very many rolls.

    Another spammer was also not particularly sophisticated with the choice of domain names:
    • zigfilm.ru
    • zightml.ru
    • zigdogs.ru
    • zigpizza.ru

    Here are a few domains that belong to a negligent spammer, thanks to which we got a healthy list of spammed blogs and wonderful screenshots:
    • cat2build.ru
    • all2cat.ru
    • music2cat.ru
    • sound2cat.ru
    • video2cat.ru
    • image2cat.ru
    • cat2work.ru

    There are adherents of literary subjects:

    • 4italknigy.info
    • biglitera.info
    • bibliograf.info

    SMO-shniki or SEO-shniki?

    I can’t but comment on the bullying of the unfortunate SMOs and the  discrediting of the very term SMO , which, it seems to me, is unfolded, either because of some super-personal hostility towards one of them (hello, Ilya), or because of the lack of understanding of the essence of the work of these experts in Social Media Optimization .

    Working with social networks involves attracting people, not links for search engines. By the way, blogs in vain driven by SMO-shnikov too pretty spammed.

    Out of several thousand spam comments, maybe two or three were of some dubious relevance to the SMO. All these commentary shreds are the fruit of the work of SEO-Schnicks. Normal optimizers, please do not be offended, this is not about you.

    Remember, some time ago, one shameful office of “promoters” from St. Petersburg spammed customers of competing companies on the phone? They very much pressed on "advancement by articles", and on competitors erected a slander and in vain.

    So, in order to pump up TIC and Pagerank dumps of “articles”, such offices are spammed on blogs. One “catalog of articles on construction topics” was particularly distinguished.

    Spammers are very fond of construction, tourism, cellular topics. I pumped a dozen or two of syllables or “article directories” - and now there is a significant savings on links.

    Many, by the way, start splogs with automatically stealing content only to “pump” them and then sell links on exchanges.

    Sample Comment

    We continue our entertaining biology. Like other representatives of the animal world, blog spammers emit garbage. Collecting samples of spamming creativity, I discovered several varieties of comment screams.

    Sewing. Traces of Spamerus Cretinus Vulgaris. The most primitive form of spam available to even spambots.

    February 6, 2008/6: 19 pm
    Operationally EPT :)

    February 10, 2008/1: 06 am
    xax, yeah

    February 11, 2008/10: 25 pm
    it certainly pleases

    Jogging. These comments are left by Spamerus Debilius. It’s also a primitive form, but with a slightly better disguise due to, supposedly, matching the theme of the post.

    February 15, 2008/10: 10 am
    yes, nice. but there the prices are very expensive

    February 6, 2008/6: 13 pm
    Yes, such responsiveness deserves respect. I just wanted to order a phone for myself, I can even order there!

    Licking The meaning of licking is for the blogger to leave a comment in which he is so thanked or praised. Here is a professional slime, representative of the species Spamerus Oralis, spy-profi went through several blogs:

    February 29, 2008/8: 43 pm
    Amazing article, I liked it! Thanks to the author!

    spy-profi said
    February 29th, 2008 at 23:07
    Amazing article, I liked it! Thanks to the author!

    Evseev Says:
    February 28th, 2008 at 11:04 pm is
    cool! 1000 readers is truly a huge achievement!

    Maslov Alex Says:
    March 6th, 2008 at 3:02
    am Yes, I would like to have such an audience of 1000 readers

    Support Group. This type of commentary screams budded from the previous one and mutated. A spammer like Spamerus Commentarius Analis now pretends not to be an admirer, but a like-minded person.

    Alexander Mukhin
    I agree))) each frog praises its swamp. And the main thing that wouldn’t be a blog

    The beginnings of intelligence. This is a more or less well-camouflaged spammer larva, Spamerus Mozgodolbius. Sometimes even normal comments come across, which can be left. But the link is off.

    March 7, 2008/9: 28 pm An
    online store is certainly good, but I prefer to watch, touch, and push, and only after making a purchase, since buying a phone is not such a frequent purchase. and if you also win in price, and for a substantial amount, then I am for a real, not a virtual store.

    Engage in discussion. This form of comment screams is one of the most effective. If a conversation ensued, especially with a blogger, then almost always the spam link remains untouched. Usually open-ended questions are used for this purpose (we read psychology). Here is the blog owner responding to the call of the spammer:

    Evseev said
    March 2nd, 2008 at 00:32
    Better photographed herself ... and threw it on the site ... otherwise she bought it, but where is the evidence?

    Anna Matochkina said
    March 6th, 2008 at 23:50
    Evseev, and I photographed myself :) Not a webcam, but specifically for the blog.

    The splog belongs not to Evseev, but to one advanced spammer. He also owns dozens of similar "personal blogs about life and everything." Please note that the imitation of a person by the name of Evseev worked here.

    Cretinous discussion. Surprisingly, sometimes it works, bloggers even try to explain something, it looks funny.

    Andrey Kornev
    micromarketing is an ambiguous concept, explain which side do you mean?

    Clinical cases. This is from my blog. Commentary did not live even half an hour, search engines will never see it.

    Why are you so attached to spammers ?! people by the way make good money! so what if you have a couple of spammer comments on your blog? .. yeah blah, if I wrote “oh what a cool site” !!! I myself delete these! this is arrogance ... have you never dealt with doorway pages ?! if not, it’s very vain! got people like you !!! spamming is bad! spam is evil! how will we fight !!! Yes fuck you need it ?! you will not change anything! it's just easy enough money ... and easy money everyone loves!

    Bloggers and Spammers

    For some, the good news, for others - bad. I have finished work on the WordPress plugin and service. A narrow circle of people will have access for testing. After testing, the plugin and service will be available to everyone.

    What the plugin does »


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    Made studio  is my studio, our studio blog is one of the first to be armed with a new plugin.

    If you want, you can spam this post , using, for example, gagastogo.com or russianpropert.cn as links - you will see the Parasite Eliminator plugin working in action.

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