You work primarily for yourself

    I walked around for a long time in gardens, tried to hint and write between the lines, but I think that once you need to express your thoughts in ordinary words without hints and hidden text. The text is dedicated to ordinary employees of regular organizations.

    So, comrades. Once and for all you must forget
    • corporate ethics and standards;
    • about the goals and mission of the company;
    • to minimize company expenses;
    • about the future profit of the company;
    • about problems that the company may face in the future;
    • that the company is your second family.
    You should remember only about yourself, about your real family and have a conscience when dealing with exactly the same people who think the same about yourself and your family. Let the business owner think about business, corporate ethics, minimizing costs, and profits. If he thinks correctly, then you, thinking of yourself and without losing your conscience, will receive all your bonuses automatically:
    • brought another sane employee who also thinks only of himself, has not lost his conscience, which means he does the work - he received a bonus;
    • sold 10 units of goods more than the plan - received a bonus;
    • reduced expenses - received part of the saved money in his pocket;
    • optimized the business process - went on vacation with his wife at the expense of the company.
    If the company does not have a healthy staff motivation and control program, then this means only one thing - the company itself does not need its owner, and if the owner does not need it, then why the hell should you worry about it?

    Once again: you do not go to work so that the owner of the company becomes richer, you go to work to feed and dress yourself and your family. Everything! This is the main and only motivating factor. Your employer can never give you more important factors; he can only use this factor for his own purposes.

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