Newspaper sued for misquoting a blog

    An interesting legal precedent occurred on Friday and went unnoticed by the Habr audience.

    The Moscow Arbitration Court ended the site claim to the newspaper "Sport-Express" on the fact violations of copyright, it says the founder of the project, Dmitry Navosha ( navosha ).

    We are talking about the fact that when quoting this or that blog, the newspaper did not indicate its URL ( example 1 , example 2 ). In both cases, journalists talk about a “blog on the Internet” or a “diary on the Internet,” and then quote it without specifying the site on which the blog is hosted. But in both cases we are talking about blogs on’s requirements were fully satisfied and according to the court’s case, the newspaper will have to pay compensation of 10,000 rubles (the amount of the claim was specially set to a minimum) and within 10 days to eliminate violations committed when using materials.

    Dmitry Navosha believes that Sport Express is far from the most important Runet’s plagiarist, but this newspaper has a pernicious habit of “hiding from its readers the fact of any other sports media in Russia and avoiding them in any way correct references or references. " Moreover, the newspaper’s employees themselves, in personal communication, admitted that they did not like such editorial policies.

    Dmitry Navosha also admits that this lawsuit was filed solely in order to “balance the claim of Sport Express against, the next consideration of which will take place on Wednesday.” This matter was already discussed at Habré , in the framework of which the newspaper initially demanded compensation from the site for 5 million rubles for copy-paste of three articles.

    The whole process is interesting to us also because and Habrahabr are quite similar to each other in organizing content. In other words, we could be in their place, because Habr’s content is also quoted without links by some newspapers, and on our site there is also a struggle with copy-paste. So the problems are basically the same.

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