Blog Review # 30

    This week, the Russian-speaking world of blogs excited a lot of money. Everyone discussed the sale of links to each other and "who is the main grabber." Let's go through the links and quotes.

    The news of the week

    Goblin Gaga talks about commerce in a live magazine: " Working for a blog is not easy. You have to really work for it. Be up to date with events, track trends, support and build an audience, choose (choose) advertisers. And make advertising the blog wasn’t an advertisement, but it became an interesting event. It’s difficult. I constantly have to think, win something, maneuver. Between the audience and the advertiser. I want to . " Echoes

    himanother one thousandth scandal Max: “ LJ commercialization, which so frightened some, has happened long ago. Or, if you like, it will never happen. Firstly, it’s rather stupid to think that if someone really decided to earn grandmothers for LJ, he would it did just that, and no one, as it had happened before, would understand that someone was getting money if this one really wanted it. In general, it should be noted that the Juzers had already come to terms with the idea that blogs are money (albeit small ones). Outrage with “commercialization” can be expressed only in the EU and you believe in its possibility. And all the best, as you know, is inevitable. So, comrades, the soup was right. The commercial potential is high . "

    Well, in the same block I decided to add a user distribution mapdepending on their "thermodynamic" remoteness. What is it, explaining for a rather long time and is difficult, it is better to go in and lose yourself. I’ll just quote one of the script’s conclusions: “The Russian-speaking community (not Russian, namely speaking) in LJ is phenomenally closed like no other, if you click on random friends in this cluster, then, on average, 66 clicks will be required to get on not our user . "

    Week of Belarus

    And at this time, bloggers did not think about enslaving the world by financial flows, but they took off to the fullest. That is, they went to clubs and stared at their loved ones. As many as two parties, directly or indirectly devoted to LiveJournal, were held in Minsk. First, on November 14, the реYO »бу buffet hosted an universal reel of Belarusian LiveJournal users. All went joyful and with badges on their chests. True, I did not see this, because I did not go to the party and was engaged in other matters. However, without me, for some reason, it was fun. What are the numerous messages of people who attended this event?

    And on November 18, a party of the minsk_by community members was held at the Grafitti club . The meeting of the ZhZhists was held in a relaxed atmosphere, which is whatphotos from the scene. Apparently, the organization and holding of such parties will soon become fashionable, and every week bloggers will be able not only in virtual reality to wash each other's bones, but also to clean their face when they really meet in some club.

    In parallel, Kolya Motorin began to draw up a map of the Minsk LJ metro . More precisely, a map of the geographical distribution of the stations of the Minsk Metro of users of the LiveJournal service. Moreover, both the place of residence and the place of work are taken into account. As you understand, the map will be updated live, maybe someone in the near future will make a layer for CityInfo. So do not forget to leave your mark on the map!

    The personal opening of the week for me was According to official figures, the service began to work as early as January 1 of this year. As I have not noticed him for almost eleven months, I can’t imagine! In order to justify my blindness a little, I note that an Internet search gave only one piece of news about the launch of this service. It is strange that is so poorly advertised. For all the time, a little less than 450 diaries are registered on the service - the figure is, frankly, modest. And this despite the large number of features and amenities that offers to everyone who signs up. It seems to me that the main problem here is the positioning of the service - the creators promote it as a blog of Belarusian youth. For me personally, this is one of the main reasons not to use, although I am very young people. After all, a blog is, first of all, an interesting original text, and the word "youth" is associated with inexperience, spelling mistakes and "scumbag" slang. Who wants to every day instead of, for example, Lukyanenko and goblin_gaga read the pink snot of another eleventh-year-old girl who was disappointed in life and guys? Nevertheless, I will try to get comments from the creators of for the next issue of the newspaper.

    In the meantime ...

    ... the great article " First Steps in WordPress " appears on the Log It blog . If you are going to start a stand-alone blog, then this article is strictly required to read. Of course, fans of other engines may argue that this is direct advertising of WordPress. Well, I advertise what the heart lies more to.

    ... at, an altruistic project started on the basis of Wordpress, a certain amount of free time by several enthusiasts and their own desire to promote Wordpress in Russia, began its work. Yes, he is again! Another service for maintaining your own blog. If you remember the news that blogs will soon appear on too, then consider an echo. Or vice versa. Here is what the creators of this service promise us: "You will get a Wordpress-based blog + the ability to properly understand its settings, several useful plugins for it, a whole bunch of excellent custom themes, a link of the form, 50 megabytes for uploading photos, pictures and podcasts, the ability to automatically copy everything, what you write here, on any blog on the Livejournal engine, and if you behave well, you will also have a saber, a gun and a bulldog puppy . "

    ... we are taught how to write a best seller. In the first part, kontei tells how to turn notes on a napkin into a thick book. Simply put, increase text size. I think many authors of the beloved all-galactic newspaper sin by the presence of water in the texts, and I am no exception. For the reader to be in the know, he must follow the link and read the text. Naturally, the quote: “ Do not listen to the losers who will shame you for the fact that there is a lot of water in your creation, and state that the book should be sensible and efficient, citing your own publications as an example. Believe me, these are just suckers who don’t know how to really manage their own time. They spend too much effort on each of their books, and their hourly pay is too low. So they will never make a lot of money on their books . "

    ... I come across a blog post a year and a half ago. The author will say better than me: “ Guys, don’t give up, fight for life. Neither a glass, nor a needle, nor a jamb will save you from your thoughts. You cannot walk heartbroken and be the most miserable in the world. Take an example from me. Unlearned, I’m working, doing what I want, living and rejoicing. You must never give up! " And indeed, after reading the entire post from beginning to end, I want to start conquering the world right now! I want to finish the

    last word

    with two links and again about money. Firstly, the message of a virgin who is looking for a man who is ready to pay a million dollars (or ten times less) for a night with her. Secondly, the boy’s letterinto one provincial Russian newspaper. As they say, no comment. It’s good that I’m a hamster ...

    Aleksey KHALETSKY

    Published in Computer News (No. 47, 2006)

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