Blog Review # 14

    • Keyword Typos
    • Aggregators or RSS Readers
    • Free software
    • Gerasim had fun in the winter, breaking Kashtanok on thick ice
    • Minority Wars in WOW
    • and much more ...

    The Olympics is the most wonderful invention of mankind: for two weeks everyone clung to the blue screens and crossed their fingers for the victories of their favorites. We collected our fingers on only one silver “donut”. Well, no luck in sports, but we collect cool tractors. Oh yes, we are still reviewing blogs. What do we have to read interesting?

    IConText Blog Tips Typing and Spelling Mistakesfor a list of keywords. It turns out that the offices involved in optimizing sites for better indexing in search engines do not forget to include various kinds of typo errors in keywords. Okay, suppose you knew that and snort: “Trite, Comrade Khaletsky!” And how do you say that our Internet users make rather few blunders in search queries? More precisely, they almost never do it at all. So is there any point in such search engine optimization? Here's an article about it, as well as some fun typo examples.

    MadDog's Blog shares a funny observation with us- it turns out, "Microsoft made some changes to the user agreement concluded between the buyer of a computer with the Microsoft Windows operating system installed and the software giant at the time of purchase. The" computer "in terms of a license is now considered to be the motherboard, as described in an official document that answers "Frequently asked questions by users about the Windows license. If you change the motherboard, your computer is considered new." That is, I translate into Russian - upgraded the computer, please pay money to Uncle Billy for the new version of Windows. I bow to the gift of some comrades to earn money without much straining. We bought a new washing machine - you will have to change your entire wardrobe. It’s not for you to mold conics from mud.

    The Software Review blog pulls the last piece of bread right out of my mouth and talks about the available aggregators with a sense, sense, arrangement . Calls them fondly RSS readers. If you haven’t, then I strongly recommend that you read this article, choose an aggregator to your taste and start using all the joys of blogging.

    About the advantages of hired work tells the blog Of course, the path of an entrepreneur is more interesting and profitable, but without the experience of hired work, one should not step on it. In this article, the author on his own experience talks about all the advantages that will help you in further work.

    About social servicesfor storage of bookmarks tells the blog I think is familiar to many, but there are many other similar / dissimilar services in the world. Why not take advantage of them? The author compares / pits them among themselves. But for those who are not familiar with such sites at all and raise their eyebrows in surprise when they hear “social services,” the article will help you figure out yourself and the world’s structure.

    A huge list of free software published on Sky Blognaturally with links. Let me explain that this is not a bunch of warez, but a collection of freeware-distributed programs. There is absolutely everything - from graphics software to Word replacements. I began to notice that using independent freeware was fashionable. I personally, living in the country of victorious piracy, do not understand this, but the fact itself deserves close attention and study.

    AJAX quickly burst into the life of Internet users. I'm not talking about the ancient Hellenic hero and not about the football club from the country of tulips, but about the very Internet technology. One at least gmail is worth the convenience of work. Here is the blog about the AJAX service for creating various forms . So, if you want a simple AJAX form for your site, I advise you to read it.

    By the way, I wear glasses. I would not say that I have very poor eyesight (-2), but, firstly, it annoys me when I can’t see something, and secondly, glasses just suit me. But Anelka in his blog praises contact lenses . Not just praises, but gives everyone useful tips, shares experiences, what can be done in the lenses, and what you should refrain from. For example, I found out that there are special cosmetics for those who wear contact lenses.

    ZOO Magazine pampers us with a note " Gerasim had fun in the winter, breaking Kashtanok on thick ice"Despite the title, the article is not about protecting animals from deaf and dumb people, but about caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad, which have already gotten everyone’s teeth sore (oh, how the Danes messed around). A fragment of an interview with Ramzan Kadyrov and comments of the author of the blog. Chechen bearded man ignites, of course. It seems that we live on different planets. The

    StraNN place begins a lecture course under the general heading “Linux for Beginners.” Two articles can already be read: one and two . I honestly read both, I liked it, I did not start using Linux. But I actually never wanted to betray the window for the penguin. But those who glances at Linux, but is afraid of difficulties, the article will be helpful.

    A blog with easy to remember the name of Tak ah lah! Me en Tak opens our eyes to the existence ofDB2 databases . It turns out that it is "the most unknown and most widespread, most powerful and lightest database." Moreover, it is free! And it was developed by little-known company IBM. Do you know that? Aha, it is engaged in databases. It is recommended for those who are tormented by wars with their databases, it is worth a try anyway.

    A journalist from Kiev, who even once participated in our review, shares his understanding of criticism with us in his blog “Details” . I completely agree with this article and highly recommend reading it to our critics from the forum of your favorite “KV”. It is considered that there is “constructive” criticism and what “non-constructive” criticism looks like. Enlighten! again tries to open our lives from an unexpected angle, talks about a program that broadcasts the sounds of nature . Do we need such joy? Does it make sense in your room to feel like in a forest? Is it necessary to install this program on my computer? The author gives a definite answer: yes!

    Fast forward to virtuality. The most popular online game in the world of World of Warcraft shudders in the wars of sexual minorities with the same majority, and Nudnik talks about this obscenity in his blog. It is noteworthy that in a game where everyone runs in the guises of orcs and elves, a conflict arose precisely on sexual grounds. And in this case, despite all my liberalism, I am on the side of sex. the majority.

    The author of the intruder's register blog talks about his idea of ​​a visual search engine . I quote the author: “The essence of the idea is not to force the user to learn the language of search queries, but at the same time to provide him with the power of this language. This, as I believe, can be achieved by turning the search into a kind of game with words.” In my opinion it’s quite amusing, maybe someone will take on the embodiment?

    The excellent Sunday Bytes blog poses an almost rhetorical question: " Business model for a web startup: is it there?"The article is large, detailed and very interesting. Maybe you are planning to create your first startup? Then immediately go read the note! A wonderful opportunity to avoid many mistakes. I quote the quintessence of the text:" I believe that the most correct way for a service project ( not content-oriented, such as blogs, news sites, newspapers, etc.) is a combination of the first two business models in an elusive ideal proportion. For those who are willing to spend ten minutes of their time, and then share their thoughts and / or argue, let's look at each of them in detail and with numbers - to understand how you can still make money on a web startup, it’s worth the game of candles and when this bubble bursts . "

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    Published in Computer News (No. 9, 2006)

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