In the meta tags for Google News, you can now specify a link to the source

    The Google News news aggregator began to recognize two new meta tags: syndication-source and original-source . They are designed to restore at least some order in the online infosphere and serve a good purpose: to encourage authors of original content. Those who first published this or that plot.

    Now the author of the original content is difficult to calculate. For example, Yandex.News can sort news from different sources by publication date, but some online media specifically “twist” the publication time a few hours ago to get ahead of everyone and get additional traffic. In this case, almost no one refers to the original. Syndication-source

    meta tagset by the content author with the preferred URL for the link. This is true for media holdings that post different versions of their articles on different sites.

    meta name="syndication-source" content=""

    The original-source meta tag points to the URL of the original source who first published the article on this topic. Google calls on all journalists to pay tribute to the author of the first news and indicate this meta tag, although in many cases the source can be difficult to detect. It is also allowed to indicate here not one, but several links.

    meta name="original-source" content=""

    Although Google News has already begun to process new meta tags, they still have no effect on search results. Developers are conducting internal testing so far. But in the future it is quite possible that with the help of Google News we can easily determine the source of each news, which will become an additional incentive for the authors of the original content.

    Of course, for some publishers it may not be clear to them to put links to competitors. Hopefully, Google will be able to develop a system that encourages honest tagging of meta tags. For example, you can slightly lower materials in the search results without specifying these meta tags, and even lower those who link only to their own sites. As said in the relevant section Google Help, when you try to manipulate the system sites will be punished until the exclusion from Google News.

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