The Telegraph newspaper receives 8% of the traffic from social sites.

Original author: Malcolm Coles
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"As many as 8% of the traffic to your site receives Telegraph from various social networking sites such as Digg, Delicious, Reddit, Stumbleupon» , - he told me the head of audience development Julian Sambls newspaper ( by Julian Sambles ). What is so surprising about this? The fact is that this figure is much higher than we previously thought . And she explains how Telegraph became the most popular British newspaper.

Nearly 75,000 visitors per day

The telegraph gained about 28 million unique visitors in March. It turns out that about 75 thousand unique visitors per day come from social sites. Julian shared these figures with me when I asked him for the information on the social news and bookmarking sites that I wrote for Fumsi. In addition, he said that about a third (that is, about 300 thousand) of traffic comes from search sites.

Telegraph bundle with social sites

A figure of 8% shows:

This is what the Telegraph widget looks like on Digg.

And this is what the Twitterfall widget looks like on the Telegraph website.

Gonim traffic for 500 articles per day

“We publish approximately 500 articles per day. The range of topics is very wide - from news to movie and hotel reviews, ”said Julian. “All these articles can be found on the website, but publication alone is not enough, this will limit the size of the audience. Working on how this content can be distributed and found, we can (and have already been able) to significantly increase our audience. ”

Telegraph Method

“Social sites like Digg, Reddit, and Fark allow users to select and characterize articles they like. All we did was make our articles easier on our sites by adding a “share this” button under each of them. At the same time, the user can add his own title and comment, thereby expressing his rating. Continuing to publish a large amount of good content, we found that readers like to play with it. ”

Here are two recent Digg examples he gave:

We continue to engage users

“We have successfully worked with these social sites and will continue to build tools and services that will allow us to interact and work with our content when we redo our site. We consider the need to develop functionality for working with content as necessary as taking into account search engine optimization measures when creating a site. We are open and try to work with social networks directly, develop products and services that will help, involve members of these networks. An example of such work is the implementation of the Digg widget in the section “Have you seen this?” On our website. In the changing role of newspapers in the digital world, it is very important to be able to adapt and collaborate with new services and social media in order to guarantee maximum distribution of content. ”

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