Cross-platform communities

    One of the trends in the Internet is the process of content autonomy. Each post is duplicated in search engines and RSS feeds. Basically, rss has become a replacement for Livejournal for standalone blogs. But the problem of the relationship between such blogs remains ...

    So I thought - is there any replacement for the communities? How to combine different blogs on different platforms and hosting in one community? And here’s what occurred to me:
    - Creating a non-moderated cross-platform community is very simple if you add some unique tag in your posts. It will be displayed in the search results for this code, with Yandex showing “reviews”, i.e. analogue of comments.

    1. Create an entry marked F9g2N48mP, give a name to the community and urge all interested to post with this code.
    2. The community itself appears at
    3. You can comment on the posts both in the magazines themselves and in your blog, indicating a link to the commented post - Yandex shows them as “reviews” . By the way, who knows why not all posts with a link to the original get into the “reviews”?

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