Life magazine migrated from offline to online

    Time Inc. in May, the famous illustrated Life magazine will stop printing , publishing the work of the most famous photographers in the world.

    Despite the fact that the magazine will be published for the last time on April 20, it will be published on the Internet. Thus, photos from the Life archive, with about 10 million images, will become available on the Web. They will be offered for free use to private visitors to the site.

    Decision of the final transition to the Network at Time Inc. accepted because of the unprofitability of publishing a printed version of the magazine. The thing is that advertisers became uninterested in such a platform, and the circulation of the publication has dropped lately.

    The first issue of the weekly Life magazine was released in the United States in 1936. In 1972, its release was discontinued, but from 1978 to 2000 it was resumed as a monthly publication. Then, in 2004, the magazine began to be published as an appendix to 103 weekly American newspapers with a total circulation of 13 million copies.

    A similar situation occurred in January with the American newspaper The Wall Street Journal , however, there was no closing of the print version - the newspaper WSJ (unlike Life) became an application to its website.

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